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Visiting This Forum Less & Less As Time Goes By

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Me and my ex broke up over 2 months ago. Back then I was on this forum ALL the time, reading advice, trying to keep myself from breaking down. I was on here so much, that I'd forget to visit the usual sports/news websites that I usually did back when I was in a relationship. This was the first website I started visiting every night after work and every morning.


Now after 2 months very LC (emails only, I haven't seen or spoken to her but we cancelled a wedding so no choice this) I find myself visiting ENA less and less. My first port of call when I go online is the sports sites I used to visit. This just tells me, that I'm healing, finding myself again. I still haven't given up hope that my ex and I will get back together some day but I will let fate decide that. What's meant for me, wont pass me by.


So for all you doubters out there, NC/LC as much as possible. It really DOES work. Onwards and upwards people...

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