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I get sad when she is gone

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How about trying to make some friends of your own? Join a group with similar interests? Everyone needs to get out on their own or with friends from time to time. It gives you something fresh to bring to the table. After 22 years together, having your own interests can keep conversation lively (or at least existent).


My husband mostly does stuff by himself on the weekends, but I encourage him to go out with his friends, play sports, watch games together, etc. This is stuff I am not interested in, either.


I like going shopping by myself, or some weekends I'll drive down to my best friend's house and stay overnight. Sometimes I go to the movies by myself or with a girlfriend because I know it's one my husband isn't interested in seeing.


Just some suggestions. I hope you can find a way to be happy, or at least happy that your wife is doing something she likes. If my husband moped every time I did something without him I would think something was wrong there...


Good luck.

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I think the first thing is that you shouldnt let yourself think that she doesn't enjoy being with you anymore or doesnt love you as much or anything like that.


It's healthy to make have friendships going in life and better for everyones emotional state, i'd imagine.


I agree that it's time to start some new hobbies - preferably ones that take you outside your home!


Have a look at some community based websites. There may be groups that arrange to meet for hikes/bush walks..


You could get involved in volunteer work?


You could try to get in touch with old friends/family?

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Can you go with her sometimes, maybe if you see whats she doing with her girlfriends then maybe it wouldnt hurt you so much.


If your anything like my husband one visit with the girls and next time guaranteed you wont want to go.


Maybe try and surprise her with a special night just the two of you like it use to be.


Good Luck

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