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1 year together...every day a fight..

Raff Bali

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this might take a while... kick back lol

I've been with my girl for about 1 year now..this being my 2nd longest realtionship ..

i met her thru a friend i used to buy shoes from ..

we started talking and she had broken up with him at the time..

we started talking as friends and when we talked it was usually me giving her relationship advice about some guys she was talking to...

we then started dating.. but as soon as we had that title, things always seemed bad.. every day was and still is a new fight

and she repeats still says the same old things about me not changing, and yet she is the exact same.. everything she tells me is like shes stealing the words out of my mouth .. the stuff i wanna say to her, she says to me..

she calls me inconsiderate, selfish, "intrusive" and disrespectful... but im so jealous of her that ANYTHING she does, i get kinda mad about it i tell her to stop texting guy friends because, i saw her phone one time when she was drunk (which i hate) and i saw several texts of her to guys(she NEVER lets me touch her phone)....... like one guy was calling her baby and stuff and she small talks every one else as if to keep them there as back ups? she told me after i saw that, that she lost her virginity to me and thats why she feels so attached( this was about a month ago)..and 2 months in our relationship she got pregnant and had an abortion and she also says thats why she feels she cant leave me..and putting up pictures on her facebook of parties she went to when we were broken up..

i feel like she never wants to talk to me about whats wrong when we have a fight.. i keep telling her that communication is key and that we have to trust each other.. i gave her 2 engagement rings.. she gave 1 back because " she was allergic to yellow gold.. go i got her this beautiful white gold princess cut .. and she never wore it...she said she didnt wanna lose it..one day we woke up together and we had such great chemistry that we went and got each others names tattooed on our ring fingers...apparently so we'd feel more secure? yet we dont.. we tried living together but it seemed to make things worse... i always wanted to be with her, and she always complained about her space and how i was "INTRUSIVE"...we accuse each other of doing things with other people.. and i have reason because she still talks to her ex, the guy i met her thru..

she hangs out with him when we break up ( we break up literally every other day) and she always tells me " its over" " i cant take this anymore" "good bye," and immature childish stuff..our life is like a soap opera.. right now we are broken up kinda.. but i know by tomorrow night we will be ok again...but i know we're gonna fight and break up again by tuesday........this is getting really old and shes very moody and emotional...everything is so dramatic and the end of the world to her....

i dont know what to do anymore..i love her so much but i cant stand her... this is getting so old...

some one please help.....

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I've tried to find someone new.. but every time she contacts me, i give in and i talk to her again ...then we go thru each others phones and delete "bad peoples" numbers and promise to stop..... which lasts only about 2 days and then its the same crap.......

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When you truly are fed up with her melodramatics you will leave and stay gone. You can't make people behave like you want and waiting for someone to change because you want them to is futile. This relationship is toxic (you already know that) and it would benefit you to break it off so you could find someone who is more respectful towards you.

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