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An Experiment in (Pseudo)Stream of Consciousness


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As the title states, I just went with the flow on this one, no editing (apart from one section I really didn't like in typing it up). The reason I post it is because it's one of the most positive pieces I've written since dealing with a breakup 3 months ago and I take that as a good sign of healing.


All roads point to infinity

God never had a plan for me

This compass is cracked, you can take it back

I'm writing my own destiny


I'm slowing down time

So I can branch out the lines

What's impossible? It's all possible

I don't need to follow the signs


These levées are breaking

And this river's awaking

Seeking out sea, or sky, space or more


You are powerless to contain

Something not preordained

So just let it explore, always yearning for more

Let it return, share the knowledge it's gained


'Cause all structure is shaking

And the grounds are all breaking

As dreams become sights, become sounds, become love

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