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dont know what to think,please help!


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my ex broke up with me after 7 months,after valentines.she used to give cards saying that she love me and when i got sick,she took care of me,like a wife would. i think something happened with her ex, I think she still got feelings for him eventhought she hates him because he cheated on her before.

she suddenly said she wanted to be friends that she couldnt be with anybody right now that she needs time.but she kind of keep repeating me to be friends, to take my time.she wants me to move on with my life to find someone else cause her life is a wreckon and she dont want to keep me waiting.she says she is not leaving me for another guy and i honestly believe her but i want her back someday.

a therapist told me that contact its ok,he told me to keep it short and simple, to be friendly and not to mention anything about us, or the past.just to focus on my goals that if i meet someone worthy to go for it.that i need to show her i am that guy that she met and not a weak one begging for her to come back. i dont know what advise to follow should i nc or accept to be friends and see what happens with time..

once she told me that i was one ina million tpe of guy and i was the best bf she ever had.to never doubt that she loved while we were together.that nobody has treated her with such love and dedication like me.that she was never gonna forget me.what did all this means if its been three months and she doesnt change her mind she keeps saying she wants to be alone, i am confused, help please.

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I think your therapist is right. It sounds as though she cares for you still but doesn't want to continue a relationship.


She's being gentle about it, but you owe it to her - and to yourself - to recognise it, and move on. You may find that moving on is impossible while being friends, so like your therapist said - short contacts, nothing deep and meaningful.


Good luck.

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No, forget it.


I'm sorry dude, and believe me, I know it hurts, but you don't have any chances to kill later.


I know that sounds harsh, but you can't let yourself cling to what you had in the hopes of rekindling it, and it sounds like that is exactly what you're trying to do.


You need to move on from this. I won't say "go find some other girl", but what I will say is that as far as relationships go, that's where you need to be looking - ahead. Otherwise you'll miss any opportunities along the way, and one of them might just be the girl you could fall for.


Don't let yourself take that risk.

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