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what is "to soon to call"?


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i met a girl at the minigolf course tonight, and we talked and played golf and flirted (she was definitely into me) and long story short i took her home and got her phone number, then when i asked if it'd be ok if i called her (which was pretty dumb because she obviously wants me to call if she gave me her number, right?) she said yes. i have the perfect "excuse" to call and start up a conversation so i dont need the confidence boost. i just dont know how soon is "to soon". its to late to call her tonight and tomorrow would be the last time that i could use the opener i want to use (which is asking her how to spell her name because i honestly dont know how) but i could think of another one if tomorrow is to soon to call her. i've heard about the 3 day rule so i dont look desperate, and all that stuff but i think that it varies with each situation.


so what do you guys think? is tomorrow to soon to call her or is it ok?


the rest is just the background story of tonight for anyone who wants more details, you dont have to read it.


so i went to the minigolf course because it was free tonight because of a promotion. i called a few friends but noone could go so i went alone. she was with her cousin... and i guess his friend. and since i was alone i joined their group. i started off chatting with just the guys and she seemed very quiet and not really shy but she just stayed kinda back a little. after a few minutes i started forcing her into talking to me by talking directly to her without the guys involved. and we started talking and flirting... yadda yadda yadda. when we got to the end of the 18 holes, me and her went to the other course that is there and played by ourselves for a those holes. once we were away from the other 2 guys we were talking very comfortably, being flirty and all that fun stuff. she found excuses to touch me (not sexually she just wanted to feel my muscles) and i found excuses to poke her. she asked me a few questions that caught me a little off guard like "what do you think of girls that wear thongs?" and "what kind of girls are you into?" and my favorite of the night "are you a virgin?" now i didnt give strait answers to any of these i just acted playful about it. then after we finished golfing i took her home and got her phone number.


and if this is relevant i'm only 18 and she's about my age.... i think. i know she couldnt have been more then 22 or 23 and she was at least 16 or 17 and these are like far out, maximum distance from my age numbers. and they are only that far because i'm a bad judge of age and it was kinda dark. but i'm pretty sure she is 18 or 19 (i forgot to ask)

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i'm eager to call because i thought of a nice funny line to find out how to spell her name and i dont know of any other way to actually ask without sounding stupid. plus i'm not the most confident guy in the world and so usually when i have a good "excuse" in my mind i try to act on it before i think of a reason not to

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If a woman likes you, you can never call too soon.




My boyfriend first called me about 12 hours after I met him. I thought it was nice because it showed he really was interested and that I wasn't the only one who thought we'd hit it off big time.

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