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Bring up the ex-boyfriend?


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I've been seeing a girl for 3 weeks. Before that she had a long term boyfriend for 4.5 years. She has only mentioned it one time when I asked about it and it was a short conversation. Maybe I shouldn't be, but I am incredibly curious as to how it ended and even just to talk to her about it. Is it taboo to do so? Should I wait until later?

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Men hate it when women talk about their ex's. Why would it be any different for you to ask her about her ex? Why would you want to go there?


men may hate the chick talking about their ex's BUT i dont think its as clear as that. If the man ASKS about it, deal with the information your about to hear or know.


With the guy im seeing, he contanstly asked at the start about previous men. Now he says ' i hate thinking of you with them'.... so once you start asking the questions... your gonna get information or whatever you may not want.


probably best not to ask - not this early. She may feel uncomfortable telling you... she'll probably say eventually. concentrate on you two


and by asking her a lot about her ex, is going to make her think about him not you!!!

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A guy I saw briefly last year asked me about my ex at one point. Not only did it catch me off guard and make me extremely uncomfortable, but it really turned me off. I agree, if it's that important (why it ended) it would come up eventually as the relationship becomes more serious.

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