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What do you LIKE about being single again.

Single By Choice
Single By Choice

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Especially for the people who have been "dumped" I hate that word. Anyways we should list things we actually like about being single, sorta like they did us a favor you know?


I like that I can watch all my favorite shows without feeling weird for watching them like the trashy VH1 shows Rock Of Love, and I love New york lol and I don't have to watch The Military Channel ever again! omg!!


I like that I don't have to buy a whole bunch of groceries, I can just think about only what I want to eat and not worry what he wants or whatever!


I don't have to share my food. I love food as you can see. lol


I can go out and meet a new guy and actually be taken out on a date instead of sitting on the couch for a date and him telling me "We don't need to date, we are together"


I don't have to worry about him coming home and making me mad being a slob around the house.


I know there is more but I can't think right now because I'm hungry lol!

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I'm not single but to help you out a little these are the positives about being single:


-You don't have to worry about shaving and looking impeccable all the time.

-You don't have to respond to anyone but yourself.

-You could check out/flirt with other guys without feeling guilty.

-You could enjoy all the foods your S/O used to nag at you for eating.

-You could wear whatever you like.

-No spending extra money on gifts/dinners..

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I get to save $20-50 during the holidays now since I don't have to get him gifts!


I can like guys without feeling guilty. And I can date them too.


I don't have to worry about buying his lunch when he doesn't have money.


I'm not obligated to talk on the phone every single night anymore!


I don't have to call him and "check in" every time I go somewhere.

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hmmmm let see..


don't really like being single, but I'm doing it, but these are things that I don't miss


1. No more accusations of cheating (this was so uncalled for)

2. No more comparison to others in better financial situation

3. No more having to reassure her of everything (another constant thing)

4. No more having to get her to open up emotionally

5. No more chasing after her

6. I can look at a girl if I want to without feeling guilty

7. Don't have to try an be perfect in every situation

8. Don't have to be the blame for everything,

9. I can be myself

10. Without a doubt, closer to my FAMILY. Love that will always be there.

11. Don't have to worry about being judged for my monetary saving methods

12. No more judging about being a christian, cause I didn't follow the church or bible to the T.


there is alot more, but that's it for now.

I'm going to be different from everyone else and state that despite all that my ex was still a good person.

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I have more time to devote to the things that I neglected while I was in the 7 yr relationship.


1.) Travel

2.) Visit local places

3.) reconnect with old friends

4.) spend more time with family

5.) read more books

6.) gave up TV to focus on other things in life

7.) picked up new hobbies

8.) MORE $$$$$$ saved

9. NO STRESS!!!!


It's all about ME and ONLY ME!!!

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1.being able to buy whatever I want without being judged

2.not being accused of checking out other woman when I'm not

3.not walking on eggshells waiting for someone to have a fit over nothing

4.not being called a loser

5.spending more time with my family

6.I like that I only have to worry about feeding my own ego not someone elses

7.being able to snore without getting a slap in the head

8.doing things I enjoy

9.not wasting gas driving to the exe's house

10.not being as broke as I was.Kind of ironic one of the reasons I got for the breakup was that I was always broke,without her I'm not.

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1. Do what I want, with whoever I want, whenever I want...

2. Not having to make plans for anyone but myself.

3. To be able to put chili on EVERYTHING...

4. Saving $!

5. Not having someone call me every hour, or feeling forced to call someone all the time.

6. Spending more time with friends and with myself.


A few reasons to start with Still miss my ex. horribly but doing NC and trying to live again!

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I can eat the same thing two days in a row without complaints.


I can read as many self-help books as I want to without feeling self-conscious or having to explain myself.


I don't have to spend my free time watching him play videogames...or worse, sitting in the car in the middle of the day while he snoozes next to me!


I don't have to carry my phone with my everywhere which is great b/c talking on the phone is annoying. Plus, no sulking or passive-aggressive voice mail if I fail to answer.


I don't have to go to all his movies that I never wanted to see. He never wanted to go with anyone else but me. All I can say to him now is, "I hope you like going to the theater alone!" Personally, I can go with girlfriends and still have fun (though it's not the same).


I don't have to listen patiently to all the boring things he talked about (he wasn't too good at explaining stuff in an interesting way). I feel bad about saying that... I'd gladly put up with it, but for the sake of this thread...


I don't have to put up with his nagging and complaining about things I do "wrong." I left toothpaste in the sink ONE morning while we were house-sitting together for a week and he got all quiet and held a grudge about it! When I finally got it out of him, he acted like I committed the biggest sin...like I was this horrible, disrespectful person. I told him he could have just told me and I would have washed it out, no problem. He sweated the small stuff but got defensive whenever I'd say anything about him, like HIM leaving the food out on the counter after he made a snack! Hypocrite!


I don't have to put up with his snoring! It was so loud even though he wore nose strips for me. I could never sleep when I stayed with him.


No more loud, obnoxious potty humor! Ugggghh!


No sex pressure. Even though I miss it more than ever, there were times where I didn't want to do it and he hounded me until I was extremely turned off.



Even with all that, there are so many things I thought of that I AM missing. I would gladly accept the above list of annoyances if he was back...but heck, it is nice to have a handful of less annoying things, I guess.

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What do I like about being single? Hmm...


- I don't have to accommodate all of my ex's insecurities.

- Going off the last point, I can talk to my female friends without my ex making me feel guilty. You have no idea what a weight off my shoulders this is.

- No need to interact with her socially inept mother who gives twisted relationship advice based on some bubble fantasy world.

- I can exercise and work on my hobbies all I want!

- I've become more outgoing since the breakup.. doing things out of my comfort zone. I love it.

- No more worrying about entertaining her or paying for dinners and buying presents. Oh yeah, and I don't spend nearly as much money on gas anymore.


Theres probably a million other reasons that I can't think of right now... Ah it feels good.

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Saving major $$$

Get to do whatever I want

I can shop for new clothes without his disapproving looks

I can eat yummy and healthy food without his whining and whinging

I can flirt with other boys and enjoy it immensely

I can watch my trashy TV shows without him getting snippy abt it

I can go to bed and wake up whenever I want, without waiting for a phone call that never comes

Going to the gym a LOT - spending time loving myself

Being closer to my family

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First reaction was NOTHING!


1) Saving Money!!

2) Getting myself back in shape

3) I can focus on me

4) Can visit my family whenever and for as long as I want

5) Get the opportunity to travel (because of #1)

6) Not worrying about her credit card debt

7) Not worrying about her parents finances

8) Not worrying about if we had kids that her mom would want to take care of it

9) Not going to dinner where noone has the common courtesy to speak english

10) The opportunity to meet someone new.

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  • 6 years later...

I know its old thread but its great one


What I like is:

1)Nobody going through messages on my phone

2)Nobody is complaining when I'm watching movies

3) I can play game whenever I want (I dont play so often but anyways)

4)I dont have to be carefull about mood swings

5)I don't have to listen to anyones lies

6)I can go through day without messaging anybody without feeling fear of them being angry

7)I dont have to do 200km over a weekend

8)Nobody is being y

9) I have more time to read

10)I have oportunity to find somebody that is not lazy AF and actually knows how to cook (it's weird how this lately became important to me, it's not sexist , I know how to cook and I've been cooking for ex,but I love it when girl makes a meal,it just tastes better).

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Took me 2 years to here after 24 years together then she left me but now:



More Cash!


Great relationship with our kids without her constant nagging and complaining


Lot less stress to make more money that usually covered all her stupid overdraft charges


No more daily grocery lists to stop by the store ..I cook what and when I want


It goes on and on lol! It really isn't bad anymore and if I get in another relationship great but if not I'm fine too!

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Freedom. Money.


To be honest I am at the stage now where I prefer being single and am in no rush to enter a relationship.


Whereas I used to have to think about her ridiculously Japanese job whereby she worked six days a week and barely had any vacation, now I can spend the weekends as I please and take advantage of my lengthier holidays.


11 months since the break up and I have been to Korea, Taiwan, England, New Zealand, and going to visit Yakushima next month and Iceland in the summer. Doubt I would have done even 10% of those journeys if we had still been together.


Take advantage of the single-dom because who knows, this freedom might not last for long and as much as I enjoy being in a relationship, there's no doubt that it can be restrictive.

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I like that I can focus on what I love to do in my life, rather than worrying about him all the time.


I like that I can flirt with guys who hit on me now ...


I just moved to Europe over the summer (2015), and the relationship I just left was long distance, so I like that I can really focus on being IN EUROPE and traveling, without worrying so much about the distance putting a strain on the relationship.


I like that right now it feels like anything is possible, rather than 'everything is ending.' (We all know that impending doom feeling).

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Definitely seem to have more money, shows how much I spent keeping a household afloat considering I'm paying $500 more in rent now.

Getting more time with friends.

No fighting, stress free life.

My dog can sleep in my bed.

I don't have to listen about ing about anything in everything.

My bed isn't disgusting because somebody is laying in it constantly.

My house is constantly destroyed, if it is it doesn't stress me out because its my mess

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In the past two years I have lost 110 lbs. 60 of the lbs during my relationship. I am at the lowest weight I have been at since junior year of high school. I love going out and getting attention and being able to reciprocate without having to feel guilty.


It may sound awful, but living your life for years between the weights of 240-280 for 8 years, then finally not being that fat girl at the bar/club. It's nice getting that attention and flirting without having to feel guilty.

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