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Attraction between my professor and I. What should I do?


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So I have this professor who I see four days a week in lectures. From day 1 I felt an attraction for her and I also felt that she had some kind of attraction for me. From that day on I felt the attraction get stronger and stronger as she would always check me out, listen into my conversations, listen into other student conversations about me when I'm not in class and its came to the point where many people in the class including females think she has strong sexual attraction to me. They say she eye rapes me during class. lmao They say she makes it so obvious now.


We once had a class, where I was a volunteer to be a model in the class for a surface anatomy exam. Basically, I had to take of my shirt (I have a great physique) and students in my group would have to locate specific muscles on me. As this was going on, many students were pointing out that she was constantly checking me out. Lastly, as she came to our group and started touching me. One of the students pointed out and had the whole classess attention to the fact that she was blushing as she was touching me and she felt very embarrass.


Lastly, she has a BOYFRIEND!


I'm not going to lie, she's hot and I want to sleep with her but I feel that there's more to this then just wanting to sleep with her, I can actually see myself dating her. Given the information of my situation, do you think she has an attraction for me? is it strong enoough for me to make a move?

People are saying I should send her an email after the semester is over and ask her out? Should I actually go through with this email or respect the fact that shes taken?


If I do write the email, what should I say?


Thank you everybody in advance, I know I wrote an essay.

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Why would she loose her job if its in college and both people are of age?


i think depending on the college, there is a policy against professor and student dating. i doubt a prof would get fired over it. it's pretty difficult for them to get fired but she might get into some sort of trouble.



op, leave it up to her. if she makes a move, then yay. be receptive if you want, but don't make the first move. you could get into a lot of trouble.

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If you're both of age then I don't see a problem... except for the fact she has a boyfriend. Think about this: If she is so willing to touch you, "eye rape you," and be so obvious and you KNOW she has a boyfriend, what does that say about her character. How do you know you won't be next on the list when she sees another hot, hunk in her next class?


Just something to think about...

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First of Johnathan I'm not here to brag about the situation..I actually need advice because I actually am attracted to her physically and emotionally. Now for the other comments, I mean yes she has a b/f I understand that but I'm sure you all have been in relationships and I'm sure while you were in a relationship you would never look at a member of the opposite like the way she looks at me or in general they way she's been acting around me.


I'm attracted to her, many people are saying what do I have to lose? I mean life is too boring not to try. If I get shut down then at least I would know, right? But to tell you the truth Im nervous because I dont know what the email should entail.



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