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if your ex did this?


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What would you think if...


you were the one that broke up with your ex and he asked you back a couple times but you said no, then you guys agreed to be friends, and talked a few times and he seemed fine.


then all of a sudden he stops responding to your msgs/txts/calls, doesnt acknowledge you in the halls unless you acknowledge him, etc.


would you think that he's been hurt by you and is avoiding you or would you think hes lost interest in you or what?

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why would you care if he lost interest in you? isn't that what you want? you lost interest in him after all.


It sounds like you want the relationship (whether its a friendship relationship or a relationship-relationship) on your terms...i.e you don't want a relationship with him, but you want him to have a friendship with you.

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Wow, some sensitive responses here! I agree, though...it probably means that he just can't deal with being your friend right now. Either that or he wanted to be the one to reject you, so he re-friended you with the purpose of friend-dumping you. Depends on what kind of person he is.

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