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How to get ex to stay out of family business.

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Alright, so a little situation here.


My ex and my uncle (age 23) are still friends. They still have each other added on Facebook and all too.


My great-grandmother is in ICU right now, and she's basically on her deathbed. My uncle put a status up about this, and now my ex is commenting and asking my uncle all of these questions about it.


Now, some people may see nothing wrong with this. However, I don't feel that my ex should have any business knowing about family matters, and putting in his two cents, after breaking up with me. If he can't be with me, he sure as hell doesn't need to know what's going on in my life, or my family's lives.


I've asked my uncle a few times to not let my ex know anything about me, or family matters. He says "ok" but then does it anyways.


Advice? Maybe I should log onto my ex's Facebook and delete/block my uncle. That way they each think that they deleted each other, and are no longer friends. Ughhh. I don't know!

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Try to talk your Uncle into de-friending your ex on Facebook. Explain to him that it is too upsetting for you to see this on his Facebook.


He may or may not be willing to do it, but at least you can try to persuade him to do so. Also tell him that if he talks to your ex, you'd prefer he not discuss you or your business with the ex, so it is clear what you're trying to ask him to do.

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