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I will start by saying that I have always been attracted to guys. I have never acted on it...and haven't really wanted to until I met a new guy that started working with me about a year and a half ago. I am currently in a hetero relationship and he has had on and off girlfriends. He would come over to my desk everyday to visit when we first met. the girls I sat around told me that he liked me. when I am not at work he will text me to see where I am. I was attracted to him from the moment he came over to me and introduced himself to me. we have become friends and hang out often, even went on a ski trip together...(nothing happened) about 2 weeks ago, he asked me if I had new cologne on ( I don't wear any). I said no. I asked him why he was asking did I smell bad or something. He said I smelled good. (which seemed odd). About 10 mins later he said he was only kidding about saying that...not sure if I missed some kind of hint or something. It is the most confusing relationship I have ever had with a guy. We sometimes have customers with funny last names and one guy's last name was Leyacock. I will instant message him the funny names...his reply to mr (lay-a- * * * * )'s name was "you want to" I kind of left it alone...not sure if that was just guy humor or not.....I don't know if I am reading into thing too much because I am really attracted to him, but between the texting and the cologne thing...I have never had a guy friend that would do these things (and I have plenty of guy friends)....maybe he can tell I am into him and he wants me to tell him...I am just not sure since we work together....very confusing. Plus I am beginnng to realize I may not want a hetero relationship anymore..since meeting this guy I am slowly realizing I would rather be with a guy.....

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Well, i think you should be honest with yourself and end the relationship with your current gf. The problem is that you haven't been honest with her, and you haven't really come out of the closet. If i were you id be very carefull about it, try not to break any hearts or reduce damage if you can if you really have to end the relationship with her. , Because you should stop living in a lie.

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There's really no way to know unless you go for it. Some people act different than others, but it wouldn't make them gay. He could very well be gay or bisexual, I think the "cologne" comment could be an indicator towards that.


As to your girlfriend, if you think that you can't be happy with a woman anymore, then it would be for the best that you ended things with your girlfriend. You could tell her the exact reason, or you could not. Your choice, of course haha.


I had my own experience with a guy I thought liked me, and I really liked him as well. He did all sorts of strange things, like sleeping in my one-and-a half person bed with me instead of sleeping on the couch, wanting to come over a lot (I had moved to a different town about 20 minutes away), hugging me from behind, wanting piggy back rides, let me massage him and he'd do the same for me, and sometimes I would catch him lookin' at me in that certain way. It didn't end up in a relationship. One of the things he did a lot near the end was that we'd plan a weekend for him to come over, and I'd set everything up, only plan him to come over, and then he wouldn't come. Wouldn't answer the phone, so I called him once a day for about 3 days. I usually stopped after that, but he usually didn't answer.

Anyway, the last day I ever talked to him, he had done the same thing again for about the 6th time, and I was kinda mad, so I called him once a day for about 5 days, and eventually he answered and I finally got some sort of truth out of him, he gave me some sort of bs answer, and after that I just stopped. No point in wanting something that won't happen. It was probably the best thing that happened to me, since it freed me of wanting him. Now I have a great girlfriend =]. Oh, I'm bisexual, not gay.


My point with this whole story is that you might have found a guy that acts kinda gay, but there's a two problems you could run into.

1. He's not gay

2. He is gay/bi and he's afraid of being in a gay relationship


So keep that in mind while you're considering your whole problem. It's possible that you could lose a girlfriend and not even gain the boyfriend you might be hoping for. Good luck

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