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How to respond when he starts fading out.


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So I guess like so many others, the guy I've been dating since January has steadily began to fade out for the past month and a half. Before that, everything was very positive, we saw each other once or twice a week, texted back and forth, had sleep overs and had what I thought was a really good time together. Talked over IM nearly every day.


He began to back off around the middle of March, the weekend invitiations to hang out stopped, the texting and IM'ing slowed. After a few weeks of this, I asked him about it. He replies that he's not sure what he's looking for. That he wants to continue to date and hang out though. But he still doesn't *ask* me to hang out, so two weeks later I ask him. He agrees and seems excited. We have a really good time, yet again, but he's still rather withdrawn after that visit. We still talk every few days over AIM--usually with him intiating talking to me, but it's always just mindless chit chat--no talk of anything serious or wanting to see me.


I know the golden rule here. Something is up, he's either lost interest or it's gone somewhere(to someone else). I know I need to just back off now and stop contacting him. I will do this. I anticipate after awhile though, that he'll contact me--with friendly banter--but most likely not an invitiation to see each other, which is what I want. Is there any chance he'll come back around or is it just done at this point?

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Just ignore him unless he asks you out on a proper date. Be polite but standoffish. If he asks what's up tell him you aren't waiting around for him to make up his mind. Value yourself and your time. Consider yourself single.


definitely agree with this. don't make yourself too available to him when and if he wants to hang out again.

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