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Friend to relationship?


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Basically long story short, ive been talking and "flirting" with a good friend of mine alot lately, and Ive known her my whole life, we have never been flirty, I hadnt talked to her in a while and suddenly after talking with her again we have become very flirty and stuff, but I am having a hard time figuring out how to push it to the next level


might try to repost this making it a little more clear later, but anyone have ny tips?

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Same situation with my current boyfriend. I think he just kind of let things go, maybe kept ramping up the flirting slowly but surely. One day he just asked me out to dinner and I didn't even really think twice about it, he made so casual. He seized the right opportunity. Then one day I just started to realize I couldn't go a day without texting him... and that if I entered a relationship with someone else, what I have with him would have to be severely cut back. I hated the idea... so I picked him Just hang around, be present but not needy and when a good opportunity presents itself to make a move -- give it a shot!

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