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Post a Picture of You and your Pet!

Adorable Babies Playing With Dogs |...
Adorable Babies Playing With Dogs | Baby and Dog Best Friends | BestWoof

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I figure this would be alot of fun. Sure there is post a pic of you and then post a pic of your pet.

But both?

nay good sir, i shall make this thread.


Rules are the person in the pic must be you

You must be in the pic

The animal must be yours

And the animal... must be in the pic.




throwdown go!

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I don't have any pictures of my babies with me. Mostly because I'm the only one who takes pictures of them.


Off topic: Your apeman/hallween h20 dude is freaking me out.


thats wes borland.

i had a crush on him for a lonnnnng time.

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Have you ever fallen off your horse?


Are you kidding me?

of course i have. many times. she's got a good 60% average rate going with me right now. lol

i think to date i've fallen off her 5 times or so off her alone. Now that we are doing more active work that number will make a sharp rise in the next few months.

after you fall so many times you stop counting though

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One of my favorites of us...

image removed


stopping hte shedding...

image removed


Another favorite but older...

image removed


aww! they are all good but i really love the second one lol

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My dog is terrified of the vacuum cleaner. I can't believe yours lets you vacuum her!


look at the fear in that dogs eyes. j/k

she does look worried but in a cute way. in combo with hersm's face its freaking classic!

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