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Met a girl from a dating website


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So i met this girl a few days ago from an online dating website, and we have spoken on IM for the last 2 nights. We spoke for a couple of hours tonight and she fits my personality perfectly, apart from a few things. She doesnt like cops (im training to be a cop) She hasnt said this is a problem however. She is of lebanese decent and doesnt like white aussies (but most of my mates are) there is some tension between the two races. She has said she doesnt care as long as they are nice but most she has met arent. Im of european decent but im pretty much one of them aswell, in terms of likes/dislikes but not racial views. My friends arent racist however.


Finally and this is the biggest she is 17 and turning 18 in a few months. i know 2 years isnt much, but its more the fact that she is 17 now that bugs me. If she was 18 right now i wouldnt have an issue, but the fact i would have to date a 17 year old, well doesnt sit right for some reason. However she seems really mature and agrees with me on alot of issues with relationships (moreso than girls my own age). From what i can gather i fit the mold of what she wants, and she fits the mold of what i want.


The other thing is i met her through a dating website, ive never done this before so i would like to know how succesfull this has been with others, and is there anything i should know?? I have always been apprehensive of dating websites because its my belief that most people are something they are not on dating websites and if they were such a great catch then why did they have to use a website to find someone. Also its embaressing to tell people who ask how we met that we met over the internet.


Finally there are 2 other girls im interested in asking out, one is at the police academy who i think is cute and have a suspicion is interested in me, and another is a friend i lost contact with who im speaking with again.


What do you guys think? should i go further with this girl or leave it how it is

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I personally don't like dating sites for the simple reason that they take all the work out of dating. They are like a crutch, and one that can quickly become addicting because of the ease with which you can use it without anyone else knowing. Honestly, where else can you pick up women sitting a chair with no pants on and a three day stubble growth pounding back a bottle of Cooper's Extra Stout? That list is shorter than the book on British dentistry. Thats not to say you can't meet anyone online, its just been my experience that once the honeymoon is over, things take a dive pretty quickly. I'd say take a run on the lass from the police academy, at least you're guaranteed to have one thing in common, and even if nothing comes of it you've brushed up on your skills.

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