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Why is my ex like this sometimes??

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So me and my ex dated for 3 months, we never had sex or anything, even though he wanted to ...not that it matters, but the reason we broke up is because we hardly ever saw each other. We agreed to be friends but we've barely spoke since then...I guess we never end up at the same parties but we did the other night and he didn't even come say hi or anything. I guess I could've too. Anyway, he seems to always text me when he's drunk and I didn't notice it before but he blames what he says, on his friends the next day. Like this weekend, he sent me a text at 1 am asking if I was horny and I said no, knowing he was drunk, then he proceeded to tell me that it was his friend josh talking and that my ex had gone to bang some chick..he also said i was ultra gross. But I talked to josh today and he said it was my ex doing all the talking and that he didn't touch his phone all night. What is his problem? This isn't the first time he's drunkenly texted me like this either. Does he still like me or why is he trying to make me feel jealous and making stuff up?

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your true feelings come out when your drunk.


and think of it this way- if you think someone is gross etc i would tell them without asking if they were horny. any person would be like "ew your so gross no one would ever bang you" rather than "hey are you horny" "well this is bla bla friend and he went to bang some chick. btw your gross"... can you spell... TMI?


1. asking if your horny- didnt you say he wanted to have sex with you while in a relationship (unfinished business perhaps)


2. telling you your ex is banging someone (um, unfinished business with you perhaps since he wanted to have sex but never did with you)


3. your gross (um, didnt you say he wanted to have sex with you while you were in a relationship?)


see the pattern?

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