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why is it so hard to get over an ex!! I mean he left me for someone else after 3 years. broke up with me over the phone and never once contacted me after that.


But yet here i am having trouble of letting go!! This healing process sucks!!! I am so tired of dreaming about him, and thinking about him the first thing in the morning. I feel so empty for some reasons..


why do we put ourselves through this pain for someone who doesnt even care about us that much...


Im taking this stupid MCAT next month and i cant even focus!!! He shouldnt have this much controll over me like this..


and time is going by so slow....


u guys think it will pass by soon?

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From reading your previous posts I see that you found out he has a girlfriend only a couple weeks ago. The initial shock is still there and it will soon pass. No matter the situation it is always tough to hear that an ex got a new gf/bf if you were the one dumped, despite how long it had been since the breakup. Just give it time and I promise you the bad feelings will go away. You've made it this far and healing is just around the corner.


My ex dumped me for another girl and while it took about 3-4 months for me to accept it I am so much happier. I just had to accept I cannot change my situation with my ex, I can only change how I personally feel about it. I forgave him and it made me a lot happier. I thought of the positive things I have going in my life, and worked harder in my classes and at work. This reminded me how much of a good catch I am and its a shame my ex lost me ! But I promise it does feel better.




Keep going NC!

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