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It's soooooo hard

All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You
All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You

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I'm glad to see other people here moving on, I truly am. But I'm not there right now. I was doing better, but the last week - during which I first found I was actually legally married (when I thought the paperwork was never submitted), then had my husband threaten to refuse to sign the papers, followed by my trying to figure out the divorce laws in Nicaragua - has been, to be honest, h**l.


Right now I'm back in his hometown - staying in the hotel where we were married, going to all the places we used to go, hearing the music we used to listen to, running into his friends and family, who were my friends and family too, and who don't even know we're separated!!! I had to meet with him today, too, to work out issues related to the divorce. He's still being a jerk about the whole thing, but thank gawd Nicaragua has a unilateral divorce law, where I can get the divorce without his cooperation or signature.


In a few days I should be able to leave, never to return. I was doing a lot better (it's been 7 weeks since our separation). I know I will do better some day again. But right now, this SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!


Just needed to vent. Thanks. :S

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