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I dont know what to do anymore. I need help

grey standard

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alright the past couple years i have felt that my life has been absolutely meaningless, There is nothing wrong with my life though, i have not suffered any trauma, i love my parents, problem is i dont believe in anything. What is the point to the game we play every day? why do people take it so seriously and why cant i learn to enjoy it and find meaning like everyone else? I am 17 years old and probably the most ordinary guy you would see, I have a lot of friends and i am fairly popular in my school, its just that when im with people i find that I have no real feelings of actually wanting or needing them as a friend/ aquantice. I really could care less what they do or say. I wouldnt care if suddenly they were just gone. i feel like i am living in a world in which everything is a lie and i am trapped. i am finding it hard to find purpose in the activities i do....i feel that i force myself to do them. if you met me there would be know way of knowing any of this about me besides the fact that i am quite and display minimal amounts of emotion. the only thing i can find joy in is art. i can let out how i feel about the disgusting world in which im trapped in... I often contemplate the idea of suicide and wonder what it would be like to escape, but normally i instantly dismiss it because i am an atheist, i believe in nothing after life, so if i die now then i am done. and to be honest that idea scares me, but what scares me more is the idea of being trapped and not being able to escape. i really dont know what to do. And recently i have been under so much stress that i am beginning to want to end it...i feel like all i am is mediocrity, and thats all i want but people are belligerent and keep demanding more..i am getting sick of it. A user named Rain man posted something a little better worded a while ago that kind of says what i was trying to say about my feelings...please help me out on this, i feel so trapped

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Hey i totally understand what you're saying about Art because i let my feelings out in lyrics aswell. I understand about you feeling trapped cos i feel that too. Its just like "What am i doing here?" i know the feeling. I've felt it for so long now. Maybe you feel so meaningless because you're searching for something and it hasn't come to you yet. Something that would make life worth living. If you ever wanna talk i'm here i don't know u but i know what its like just ask for my email or something if u want to.

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yeah in a way my friends are kinda just my friends cause thats the way its been...i really get along with a couple of them but still i feel like i would care at all if everyone vanished and it was only me....i dont know, these past months have been confusing...my life is like a gradual downward slope. I am probably one of the most pessimistic people i can think of except i try not to show it..its like i am constantly dissapointed to the point were i expect it...for instance prom is coming up and i asked a girl i liked and she said yes. That actually got me excited for a minute but since its my life there has to be some kind of dissapointment. An hour later she texts me saying that she cant go with me anymore cause her mom has never met me and her mom felt uncomfortable with that. well i shrugged that off and moved on to ask another girl, this was the girl i really wanted to go with so i asked her...but what do you know...she was asked out by a guy 45 min before i asked her....just my luck so i finally feel lucky when one girl asks me and i say yes...but that didnt end up working out cause we got in a fight.....idk it just seems like i am a perfect example of dissapointment. i am the kid that never does anything right and until now it has never bothered me much...but i feel like im going to snap soon. i just wish i could be put into a coma or something so i could escape this nightmare for a period of time...i need a break and a way to get my thoughts re organized this has been going on way too long...the constant dissapointment is killing me. i feel like in a couple of years i wont be able to take it anymore if it keeps going on like this.

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Listen Grey Standard,

Here's the thing about life that you need to know. First of all, you are 17 which means you just broke out onto your own maybe, if your life really sucks, 4 years ago (which in life years only really makes you 4). *** hold on I have to cut in now on this idea which kind of messes up the flow but bare with me. I'm in my 30's now, however, until my 30's, my body could barely keep up with my emotions. Everyday seemed overwhelming with new emotions. And the thought of ending it made an appearance quite a lot. This is something adults don't tell younger adults, because most of us forgot what it felt like. So hang in there, this * * * * gets a little bit easier, just a lot later, ok I continue now *** And you've still got a long way to go, but here's the thing, until you reach atleast your mid twenties you've got every answer for every question that has ever been asked since the beginning of time. From the meaning of life to what God is, you've already got the answer to abortion and probably the death penalty. Unfortunately, as you get older, you find that life just gets more complicated and the older you get, the more you realize that "everything you know is wrong". Life becomes a cycle of learning, and then relearning. Until you realize that there is no one right answer for most of the questions you have or will have. Even with people and relationships, anyone can let you down. And they will, and that sucks. You have enough trouble at this point with High School, and cliques, what's cool and what's not fashionable. The fact that you found art, well, that's great. You start with that, all you have to do at this point in your life is get to know who you are and what direction in life you want to go in. F... everyone else, chances are, you won't even know any of these people in a year. The one thing you can not do is let yourself down, anyone else will do that to you with out a second thought. This is the point in your life where you figure out who you are and what you like and what direction you are going in. That confusion and fear that you feel inside of you, all of your friends feel the same thing, it's just buried behind their own personality, also known as facade. You hang in there Grey Standard, introspect is the right direction. Thanks for listening to all of my bull * * * * .

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but thats exactly my problem....i am mediocrity. Its not like i am an emotional trainwreck although i kinda sounded like that in my last post. If anything my emotions barely show...I know i must sound like an ignorant teenager just whining about my problems but in retrospective its just my lack of enthusiasm for everything i do. I can firmly stand by the belief that i have that there is no god and i really doubt that will ever change. I came from a hugely religious family and saw for myself that the bible is a lie(i dont mean to offend anyone here, just my belief). And i really just cant picture myself believing that there actually is a higher order. I just feel like all i am is in the grey, and i cant make myself get out of that way of thinking...

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I think you're questioning your existence...waking up to the same thing everyday makes you feel trapped in a way cos you know that you want more. i think you just need to find yourself. Maybe hang out with some new people for a change. Whatever your waiting for it will come you just need to hold on. Life is scary sometimes especially thinking about the future. You just need to learn to walk before you run. You like Art thats something meaningful to you...so concerntrate on that. You never know you might become an artist. You just need faith that things will go up from here.

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I have abandoned every belief that didn't work for me over the long term and I am left with very few. I believe there is order which underlies the disorder in the universe. I believe this order is the metaphysical manifestation of love. I believe that I am either "going with the flow" of this order or I am fighting against it. I can tell the difference between the two by whether I am making progress towards living a happier, more energetic life and by how well I am getting along with others. I align myself with this order by meditating and placing myself in the natural world and in my own natural physical state, in other words by doing something to tune in.

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first of all, the world is not that disgusting.you live in the best counry in the world. look at the positives. your going to college. you know what you love and what you want to do(art). and you must be pretty smart becuase from reading your post you just seem intelligent to me, your very perceptive of the world around you. just try to visualize everything turning out better and the way you want it to before you sleep. and try to have faith in yourself. try praying to god. hes a ok guy. and knows his stuff.

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first off i cant say i would ever pray to god or ever want to because i just dont believe in any of it. Religion causes more harm then good. i mean look at the world there is constant fighting because of religion. And i also find it extremely hard to visualize everything turning out better when i would prefer to disappoint myself before i am disappointed. and thats the problem i dont live in the best country in the world. The US is problematic, sooner or later everything is going to collapse on us. I think i found my problem, its the fact that i feel like i am not in control of my decisions and that i feel helpless

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Matthew 7:15 “Watch out for false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are voracious wolves. 7:16 you will recognize them by their fruit. Grapes are not gathered from thorns or figs from thistles, are they? 7:17 in the same way, every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. 7:18 a good tree is not able to bear bad fruit, nor a bad tree to bear good fruit. 7:20 so then, you will recognize them by their fruits.


God warns us to watch out for false prophets they pretend to be Christian guides but their purposes are selfish and destructive. . What does it mean by sheep’s clothing and ferocious wolves. Jesus uses a metaphor here to point out that these false prophets appear to be one thing, but in reality they are something quite different and dangerous. They can lead us astray with false teachings. How can we know if they are true or not by their fruits you will know. Good apple trees bring forth good apples and bad apple trees bring forth rotten apples. In other case would it be strange if we went to get apples off an apple tree and when went it had bananas that would be very strange something wrong here. With false prophets we must test their claims by their fruit that is by their character, lifestyle, teaching and influence and if it is opposite to the true doctrine of god we must question if they are true or not.

When we are born again from god we are brought into his family we are called Christians. Then we are to turn away from our sinful ways and turn to god’s ways. We must learn and apply god’s word to our life. His word is truth though the world and its system changes but god’s word remains the same. Darkness in the bible represents sin, death, sickness, disobedience etc. And light is truth, rightousnous and goodness, life. Life isn’t easy it’s hard but from the start it was meant to be easy. How do we know what is right, what is true, which religion is right, what must we do to get into heaven. A lot of people live in fear not knowing what will happen after death, some afraid of future and security. Some afraid of other things. It’s hard to live life without someone guiding you and making the right choices, it’s scary to know that sickness is on the increase, violence global warming getting worse, etc.

In the sea where ships travel its dark and it is hard to see and there are dangers in the sea they have to be careful of rocks and reefs and sandbars. That is why they need a light house so it can navigate them safely, to warn them of rocks and sandbars because the light shines in the darkness and reveals what is hidden, it lights up the area so they can see. It also points them to the harbor and marks the entrance of a river or inlet. The harbor is where the boat stays for shelter from the storm. And if the ship did happen to crash into the rocks and the ship sank and the people needed to be rescued the lighthouse keeper would come to rescue them in his boat and bring them to safety.

Darkness represents this present world, the ship and sea represents our journey through life, and the rocks and sandbars and reefs represent dangers, mistakes, problems etc and the lighthouse represents god because he is the light of the world.

In the bible it says in john 1v5 the light shines in darkness and the darkness has not understood it.

And in john 9 it says Jesus is the light of the world. And in Ephesians 5 v 13 but everything exposed by the light becomes visible, for it is light that makes everything visible.

John 3:19-21

That the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. 20 For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. 21 But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God."

God loves us and wants us to live his way not because he wants to control us but so we can have life but live it abundantly. He becomes our counselor, he guides us through life making the right decision and choices he guides us through life in the right direction and brings us through safely. He protects us from harm, he provides for us; he restores us and comforts us. As we saturate our self in god’s word and being in a close relationship with him whatever things comes at us he exposes it for us. If someone is dodgy and deceitful god can help us by warning us. His light shines in darkness and reveals everything. Before I was a Christian this salesman tried selling me a computer and he asked me how much I had and told him he knew I didn’t know much about computers and tried ripping me off. A builder a family friend I worked for didn’t pay me wages he owned me $ 3000 dollars, even as a Christian I have stuffed up because I didn’t ask god for advise and made the wrong decision without asking him first for proper advice. Like the titanic when it sank they captain didn’t see the ice berg until it was too late they sank and a lot of people died some were rescued. That’s why we must always be alert because if we lose concentration it can’t do damage. Sometimes we do things that cause problems in our life and sometimes these problems don’t go away.

You can be doing life in the ship traveling through the sea and because you don’t have god its dark and you can’t see the hidden dangers. Maybe your ship has hit some rocks, you’ve made some wrong decisions, maybe your marriage is fallen apart, maybe you’ve become sick, maybe you have invested your money and you’ve lost it all, maybe someone said to you try this drug or do this it will make you feel good but instead of good it’s made you worse. Maybe you have past hurt and painful memories that won’t go away and it hurts you so much it’s affecting your future. Has your sink started sinking or are you in the water drowning in all your problems, do you feel like giving up and drowning, do you feel like maybe suicide is the only way out of the problems your facing do you feel like it will always be like this. Do the burdens of life weighing you down are you in so much pain you think I can’t take this anymore, are you crying alone and no one understands you. When people are at the beach drowning in the water they don’t give up they fight to stay up above the water and wave their hands so the life guard sees them and come in their boat and save them. Don’t give up if you want a new life a better life , if you’ve sick of the life your living, you want to be healed, you want the pain to go away you would like your problems to disappear. Jesus can see you and knows what you’re going through he is the lighthouse keeper and wants to come in his boat to save you and rescue you from what you face and wants to put you in his boat and take you to the harbor to safety. He wants to heal you, restore you, save you, deliver you, comfort you bring peace and joy upon your life but there is one thing you must do you must ask him to come into your life right now and save you and rescue you from the everything you face.

Jesus I need you please help me come into my life and save me and guide me and bring healing lift up and remove this pain and hurt show me the way. Provide for my every need bring your light into me and remove my darkness my hurt my pain lift it up now remove it from me. Please give me the Holy Spirit so I may know you, thank you for rescuing me in Jesus name amen. If any one needs prayer please ask

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thank for making me even more disgusted by our world. In your efforts to convince me of the existence of god all you have done is turn me farther away. How can you possibly follow the teachings of a book so blindly? that is all it is a book. the bible is nothing more besides a great piece of literature. The church is evil and so is what it stands for. It stands for extravagance. it is disgusting and it makes me hate this pathetic world even more. How can you possibly believe that by me praying to jesus will do anything? trust me i used to be a christian and i prayed but nothing was answered. I was more depressed as a christian than i am as an atheist and that is saying something.

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im sorry for what has happened to you and for your depression, you may not believe in jesus im sorry if my post did what it did. scripture says he came to bring us life and to bring it abundantly, he came to bring us the most awsome and wonderful life with satisfaction. you may have been a christian but scripture says i bow down to the father of our lord jesus christ whom heaven and earth is named, scripture says repent and be bptised into the name of jesus for the forgivness of sins and receive the gift of the holyspirit. what im saying is when i was born i received a sinful nature from adam and eve which seperated me from god and his blessings,my name is dino papa and i received my fathers name see when your born again god gives you a new birth and remove the sinful nature which was inherited and you receive the name which heaven is named by christian. we are brought into gods family and into his blessings and we are able to have a personal relationship with him. have god in your life one person must ask jesus to come into their life. jesus gives you the holyspirit and provides you with all the physical,spiritual and emotional blessings you need. i hated my life i was depressed and wanted to die but god changed my life. you dont have to believe what i say but when a person knocks on the door they either let the person in or not open the door to have god in your life you must open the door for him to enter. one must let jesus come into their hearts and lifes. alot of people say give me proof he is real, ok buy the holybible ask jesus to come into your life and start reading the bible and he will show and reveal himself daily to any one who receives him. the problem why god doesnt answer prayers or why people are having a rotten life it is because their sin has seperated them from god his kingdom his blessings and jesus is the only way back to god he took our sin and died for us so we can be brought back to god, to receive him say this prayer if you like to jesus please forgive me and please come into my life and heart and change my life. please take my burdens and hurt and pain from me and please heal me and guide me and please reveal your self to me. thank you my lord and saviour.

if you meant that with your heart he has came into your life and start having a great relationship with him. ask and receive seek and you will find and knock and the door will be opened, when jesus came into my life within a week he started changing my life and i started to find meaning and purpose. and started to enjoy life he changed and turned my life around like he can do for you but to experience it one must ask jesus in to their life. you will never know if you dont ask.

godbless i will pray for you.if ive offended you or wrote anything you didnt like im so very sorry and ill leave you alone if you want me to. GOD SAID ASK AND YOU WILL RECEIVE ASK SO YOU CAN RECEIVE AND MAY BLESSINGS COME ON YOUR LIFE.


Gal 3:13-15


13 Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us (for it is written, "Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree"), 14 that the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles in Christ Jesus, that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.


jesus removed the curse he removed sin, death, sickness, depression, worries, lonliness, biterness, etc much more and brought on us the blessing, life, peace, rightousnous, health, comfort and much more and for him to remove the curse he must come into ones life. jesus loves you he died to save you from all your problems.

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