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No jokes please! Increasing bust size....

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This is kind of an embarrassing question for me, but I can't find any information online. I'm currently taking Lamictal and recently Seroquel. Lamictal is an antiseizure med that is a mood stabilizer for BP.


Has anybody been on medications that made your bust size increase? I have been noticing a huge difference that seems to be getting worse by the day. I literally am not fitting into my bras anymore (I'm usually about a C but now.. Oo).


My stomach is still as flat as it was and I haven’t been weighing myself so I can't really tell if I have just been putting on weight. The change is rapid enough that it literally looks like I have implants and it is kind of uncomfortable. mmmm

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I looked around after seeing which things you were taking,and it appears it is the Lamictal that is causing it:


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It seems you are not alone with this phenomenon. I don't think this is a big problem, but I suppose just to be sure keep an eye on it...Perhaps bring it up with the doc next time you go.

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I just googled "lamictal" and "breasts" and it seems like a bunch of people have experienced tenderness. Someone even suggests that it alters your hormone levels, which could possibly result is breast growth. These weren't proper studies or anything, but I'd say you're not the only one experiencing this.

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or every guy is going to send a link to this thread to his gf.


Well, now I know to wait in anticipation for the SO to argue for it.


In response to your query, Suzy, I would suggest that you discuss the matter the next time you see your doctor. It can't hurt to ask if it's normal or harmful. If you are concerned, you definitely should talk to someone in the medical profession about it.

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I have gran mal, petite mal and abscence seizures {I know, hit the jackpot, didn't I?}


During my late teen years I was taking Lamictal as well.

I was an A cup when I started on it, and when I went off it a year later I was a C-D cup.


After switching to 1000 mgs twice a day of Epilem, I shot up from a D cup to a JJ cup, in less than two years.


I got myself looked at, turns out I had VBH.


The Epilem was said to cause breast growth, welllll....turns out it didn't.


I'd go to the doc to check it out.

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Wow.. ^


Now I'm pretty worried Oo.


I think I'm going to start some sort of moderate diet to make sure there isn't something I can do about it. If I keep noticing a change, I'm going to head to the doctor for sure. I just can't afford a medication change right now! Oy......

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