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I Just Think He is Wonderful...A Realisation

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Today has been an okay day. Still coming to terms with the 3 weeks NC so far and have been suffering big time asking myself questions on what could have been.


Im starting to think maybe its too late. I know I broke his heart too so I constantly wonder whether he is thinking of me like I am thinking of him. He was so angry last time we spoke and so so hurt it broke my heart. Of course I want him back desperately but I dont think he will ever forgive me.


In the past 24 hours Ive started coming to a realisation.


I have been reminiscing over the good times and just how wonderfully amazing this man is. At first when I started thinking about it I was worried I would feel pain and fear but instead when I think about him and how happy he made me I cant help but smile.


He was funny, intelligent and beautiful. I miss him so much but with this realisation comes the thoughts that I truly want him to be happy in life.


I know the way things have happened means theres a 98% chance of no going back. I remain NC still hoping he thinks of me and oneday when it doesnt hurt so much I hope he gets in touch.


Im starting to wonder...whats the point in worrying and being afraid he will never come back?


If he loves me as much as I love him surely we will meet again right?


I definitely need to continue working on myself but today I feel a little bit like a weight has been lifted in some respects. I have nothing to resent afterall he gave me 2 years of pure love and happiness and for that alone I should be thankful right?


I believe he is my true love and hope someday we find our way home but if not he has given me the gift of such happy memories. I just wish things could be worked out!!


Is this a normal stage to go through? Cant predict how I will feel tomorrow mind.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


Stay positive x

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Great post. Loved reading your thoughts. I'm wonder though... are you the Dumper or the Dumpee?


There's always a chance your paths will cross again, after all it's a small world. There’s even a chance you two may be a couple again… but you can’t put your life on hold waiting upon unknown fortune. Of course he thinks of you and remembers the good times... how could he not after 2 years together.


You have the right attitude. Be positive, stay positive. Get out there and live life, be happy.

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I love your input as always, you have been very supportive.


I guess I am the dumpee but it was because of my actions its a long story but you can find out in my previous posts my story






Should give you an idea. Im by no means over it though I still love him and do feel as though he has got me all wrong but obviously I hurt him very badly which has caused him to hate me and now its week 3 of NC.


Your thoughts on this are appreciated if you have any more?



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Honey 3 weeks into the break-up is nothing. Yeah... I know it hurts and feels like 3 years. But there is the issue of what happened, you know that thing you did to hurt him... Also, you keep contacting him and that just serves to drive him away.


Just give it time.


Everyone gets angry at one point or anther and everyone (generally) gets over it. I'm sure you've been mad at him before too. I'd venture to say the "good" you two shared far outweights the "bad" and that certainly works in your favor. So don't worry about it. Stick to those positive thoughts.


The worst that can happen is that you'll take away a valuable life lesson. I think you know what that is.

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Im beginning to understand this sadly


I am truly in love with him and have realised that he probably rejected my calls because it was hurting him and he was still angry.


I realise that to be true and loving I dont want to hurt him anymore, I want him to be happy and so it was selfish to try and get in touch and I was not considering his feelings at that time. I really want him to come back but it has to be on his terms now and I dont think he is going to come around.


I truly want him to be happy with or without me. Does anyone else feel like this about an ex?

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