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Out of sight, out of mind?


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I've heard that before and I took it to mean that if a person doesn't see you in a long time (or communicate some how) that your chances of getting them to have feelings for you diminish. Is this accurate?


I I ask because there's this girl in my class that I really fancy and we speak for like 20 minutes or so after every class. I think we hit it off well but I definitely need to flirt more. Anyways, we had spring break and tomorrow will be the first time I see/speak to her in 2 weeks and I'd be pretty damn disappointed if I practically have to start from scratch with her.

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sometimes. it's hard to say. i have a crush on this guy and didn't get to see him at all during spring break (so didn't see him for about 2 weeks). but the waiting made me want him more. i enjoy taking things slow. it makes things more exciting.



i mean, there's another saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder"!

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If the absence is short (2-3 weeks isn't that long) I believe it can make you fonder and want her more (and her you if the feeling is mutual). Especially in the beginning stages when there's still the butterflies going on and everything. But with really long absences...I do believe there's the risk of forgetting and the feelings diminishing.

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