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Job interview dress


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Ive been looking for tips on how to dress for interview and all I find are for the big time jobs. Wear a nice suit, yada yada...What I am looking for is how to dress for a minimum wage job interview.


Ive only had one job at the past and what I wore was a tucked in polo, khakis, brown dress shoes, and a matching belt. What Im thinking of doing this time is going with the same as above, just a button down shirt, tucked in, with the sleeves rolled up to about midway up the forearm. Ive read this as being business casual in some big time workplaces so I thought it might be acceptable.


What are your thoughts on it?

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Well I think the big thing Im worried about is the apperance of the rolled up sleeves in the outfit I stated above? Ive tried to think about it from their point of view and I dont see any negatives, but again Im not an employer by any means.


Oh and thanks =)

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