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Intern/part-time job or start my own business


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Hi guys, I'm just planning ahead... It will still take 3 years before I start this plan, I still don't know what will happen until that time comes, It's just that I want to have some ideas... I'm planning to take a bachelor's degree in engineering at a well known university here in our country after I finished my 2 yr technical course and with some luck, fulfill the requirements to enter the university... It just came to my mind that by that time, I'm on my own now, I don't want to ask some help from my father because I still have a brother in high school and he's in 3rd yr by that time...


The tuition fee in a university is 3x higher than a local technical college plus the foods and accommodations that I need... I don't want to study part time and I know that the university doesn't allow it... I still don't have any idea how I can sustain my studies... It's hard to find a job here in our country specially part-time jobs to support a university student, that's the first idea in my mind... Another thing is if I'll start a business, just a small food business well if it's successful, it's more than enough to support me but the risk is higher... What can you say about this guys?...

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I would say do whatever it is that YOU want to do.


For me, after high school I went ahead and found myself a full-time job with the mentality that I had to get money for college since I couldn't depend on my parents and I didn't want to be in debt. Over two years I worked full-time and went to school part-time. Nearing 3 years with my full-time job and still feeling like I haven't gotten anywhere with my college classes I felt very burnt out very frequently. I decided to quit my job and wrap up the rest of my classes and just focus on establishing my own business. It may not be the ideal plan for most...but for me, I think it'll work because even if it doesn't work out, then at least I can say that I did what I wanted to do.


I also believe that starting my own business while I'm young will be beneficial because if it takes off then that would be amazing and I'd be fulfilling my dream. If it doesn't work out, then I can learn from the mistakes I've made and either try again or realize that the business thing isn't my thing at all. Right now, I can fall without taking down my kids with me or anything since I don't have any, you know?


It's all about following what you want to do I think.

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