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Should I Try To Meet Her? (Advice please)


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OK so today (in reference to the openness and honesty system thing we're trying) he showed me a text he received from the girl - it was a simple message saying "hey u". I told him that I really appreciate him showing me it and not hiding it from me, and not giving me a chance to find it first.


I made a suggestion to him but I'm not sure if it would help or wouldn't help, I asked him if he thought it would but he says that's he not sure if it would help but we can try it. My suggestion was for me to meet the girl. We're planning a trip in May back to New England and visit his and my family so if she's there then maybe I could meet her. Again, he said he doesn't have a problem with it and he thinks maybe we should since it might help me feel better about them talking to each other.


What do you think?

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I browsed over your posts and here's the deal: If you don't trust him, leave him. You can't go demanding his MySpace password, checking on his texts, and playing private investigator your whole life. That's no way to build a relationship.


A man should be able to have friends who are women. There's no crime in that. If he crosses the line and cheats, that's a whole other issue. So far, you haven't indicated that he has cheated and you couldn't prevent it even if you tried.


What do you want to happen?

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