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Any tips on finding out if she's a Lesbian?

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There's this girl who I had very strong feelings for a couple of years ago. I still see her and besides asking straight out, how do you know/tell if a female is lesbian?


She's pretty, very feminine, stylish, and wears perfume. Not your stereotypical 'butch' female. Sorry if this sounds offensive.


Used to be married to a guy. Got divorced. And she seems to be hanging around another woman who I would say is lesbian just by looking at her.

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all i can say is that I'm a pretty feminine girl who wears heels dresses up etc. i'm a fashion designer for sakes. bt i love girls and no one ever believes me. bt when it comes down to an intimacy level you can tell. i'm very touchy and playful and i get into the girl i'm pursuing. lots of eye contact kinda nervousness but in a good way. plus when we are u know getting to business u can tell how turn on i am by the girl and her body.I'm eager to do and not just receive. so yea if she wants all the attention she just might be in it for the fun. but if she shows u lots of attention she's probably into u. maybe she doesn't even think she's a lesbian bt she's findng out. and about being married before, don't be afraid of a past closeted life. she at least has the strenght today to not be afraid so u should cherish it. what's the worst that could happen? nothing if you never try it.

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I have no idea how you can find out, but I would say if you're attracted to her, you should flirt with her and let her know, and judge her reactions.

If she isn't interested (or is gay) you will find out either way depending on how she takes your flirting.

Just go for it, really.

Things change, so it is possible that she's gay or at least bisexual now after her divorce.

I have gay friends but I consider myself straight. It doesn't make a difference who she hangs around.

Can you ask her out for drinks or a coffee sometime? Whatever you're into?

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