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I have just split up with my girlfriend, im so unhappy


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hi all, i cant believe i am typing this, i met this girl 3 months ago we were so happy for 2 of the months, but then i hit finacial issues, but then she wanted to move in with me, i asked for some of your advice and you quite right said no after such a short space of time, we still went to look at a house but while we went round it we really annoyed each other, we both knew it was the wrong thing to do straight away,but after that i started thinking do i want to be with this girl, we had a nice sunday and she was telling me how much she loved me, telling me that she was really happy and i was the man for her. Anyway she was a little quiet all day not much contact whilst i was at wrk which was fine, i just thought she was busy i spoke to her normal after work then all of a sudden i got a text telling me she wants to be single, and on her own, i have been dumped, im unhappy in a way with it, thought she was really nice, i was thinking it was because i had no money to entertain her or go out, all we have done for 2 months is watch tele, what im asking is do you think it was my fault because i had no money or do you think she wasnt the one am i better offwithout her or should i chase????

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If she dumped you because you don't have a lot of money, then she was a golddigger and you can do better.


My boyfriend hardly ever has money to take us out, so we spend most nights watching TV and movies at his house...but I'd NEVER complain about it, all I want is to spend time with him...doesn't really matter what we're doing.


If she really broke up with you over that, then it shows you were more of a form of entertainment than you were a companion.

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i dont know maybe she wasnt the girl for me, my dad said she would stick with me for the couple of months i had problems with money if she really liked me that much, i think i put to much pressure on the relationship for it to work , i keep thinking that i should be married because i am 28

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Is she was looking to play house that quickly, she wants to be taken care of. That's not about you, that's about her inclination to use one guy until she finds her next mark.


You are soooo much better off without that one, and you likely suspect this as true.


In your corner.

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