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Just need a bit of support

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I broke up with my boyfriend about 7 weeks ago. We promised one another that we would take a break to heal the cycle of breaking up and getting back together.


I kept up a NC regime for 6 weeks - which ended at Easter. I mailed him last week and we met up for a drink tonight. I kind of guessed that he would have found someone else by now, and indeed he is 'seeing someone' - he wouldn't actually refer to her as his girlfriend. We talked and he sat close to me and that 'connection' was still there - he admitted it. He said that he couldn't make any sort of indication of his feelings because he was seeing someone else, but I definitely felt that he still felt someone for me.


Anyway - I made it clear that I was in a much better place than i had been when we were last going out and that I was having fun and meeting people, but that I'd realised that I still wanted him deep down. He said that he couldn't think about that as he was seeing someone else.


I told him that I missed him but that I would leave it with him. He said that he wanted to stay in contact, but i said that I wanted more than just friends, and so i would leave it with him.


I'm pretty much preparing myself for not hearing from him again...but it would be nice to hear some stories of how this isn't the end of the world to keep me going. I sometimes wonder why everyone else seems to meet someone and I am left on my own again...

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I think it wasn't a bad thing to express your feelings to him and you were honest about it. You made the wise choice of leaving it to him cause that obiviously puts the ball in his court. All you have to is to wait but at the same time you still need to move on go in a better direction for yourself. Which you are already doing by preparing yourself in case. But, just remember that just because other people seem to meet others quickly doesn't mean that you won't... You will definitely find someone that will love and treat you with the out most repect. Don't put yourself down over this situation it's not easy getting over something that you have been so use to for so long. It's the hard things that you have to do that will make you a better person. The easy things will only get you so far. Just be strong and you will be ok which it really looks like. Just go about things the right way and know that there is someone out there for you...

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I think the fact that he is already "seeing someone" and could not even bother to work on himself or trying to resolve the issues between you says a lot about him and his views about the relationship you ONCE had.


I'd continue to meet new people and have fun. This EX will be a distant memory before you know it.

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