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3 or more things I would change about myself in a new realationship

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Seems that making lists like these are very helpful.


Here's mine


1.Not be so agreeable,I think it frustrated my ex,that I was always avoiding conflict and argument.

2.Stand up for myself,don't let her put me down.

3.Be stronger emotionally don't look frightened whenever bad things or situations arose.

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1. Stand up for my independence more. Next relationship: If the guy can't accept the fact that I don't want to talk on the phone every night, or that I don't want to sit on campus all day with him, tough luck. I don't care how bad I make him feel--I'm doing what I want, and I want my independence.


2. Not get upset over small things as easily. Meh. I'm only human, and we all make mistakes. But next time around, I know what I should and should not get upset over.


3. Don't lose myself in the relationship. I did this last time--pretty much alienated myself from everyone, and was focused on my ex and the relationship. Wont happen again.

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1. I will not withold my love when I am upset. I really didn't do this much towards the end but in the beginning, I would often hold grudges and withold love/affection if I was upset. Next time, I will face the person and talk things through, without withdrawing, and make sure I don't get pouty.


2. I will not start a "talk" in public. Sometimes my ex and I would get into arguments in public...not major ones, just little annoyances. It was mostly my fault because I'd bring up things that I'd want to talk when we were in the store or somewhere inappropriate. I should have waited until we were alone before deciding to get into touchy stuff.


3. I will be more friendly with his family. I wasn't mean to my ex's. In fact, I tried very hard to be pleasant. But I don't think I could ever fully be myself because I was so afraid that they would judge me (in some ways, I even think they did...I was not the right denomination for their son). So next time, I will try to be more outgoing, more real, try to spend more time with them by my own request rather than just going along and trying to be pleasant.

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1. I tended to think that my relationship was invincible, and nothing could divide us. Knowing it could end at any time I would stop sweating the small stuff and truly enjoy the time we shared.


2. I would stop being so stubborn.


3. I will stop comparing every guy to a former relationship! I will except and like him for the person he is.

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