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When a company posts a lot of new job openings is it ok to apply

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if the positions are somewhat similar, in your resume under "objective" you can put both positions. if they are drastically different then give 2 resumes.

nothing wrong with applying to more than one. in fact a lot of companies like workers to be skilled at several things. you can use it also to ask for a higher salary.

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I would most likely not apply to two things that are drastically different, but if they are in the same field/ type of work I would.

It just looks like you have no career focus elsewise...


(Unless you are applying to jobs where you don't need expertise like admin assistant, then I would say it's ok.)

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i would apply to one. if one was similar and i didn't get offered the other, i'd apply later to it. chances are it will be the same HR department and they might think you are just desperate. also, while in the interview, i'd show my intentions to work there by asking if there are any entry positions available if you don't get hired for this one. that will show your enthusiasm to work there. a lot of people do that just to get their foot in the door.

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Sometimes they just post non-exisiting jobs to get people in the door.

They don't actually want to staff all ten positions, they just want to get a larger pool of people to apply. I've seen that happen a few times - all companies which I didn't want to accept the position afterwards though...

(not really a good sign).

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