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question: Lack of Romantic Love and the Effects


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Hello everyone. I think I've posted a question similar to this before, but I can't remember exactly. This is about love... the kind of long lasting love you feel in a relationship, its a question about feeling loved.


They say we all need to feel loved... its a human need. I was wondering, what would happen to someone if they never found romantic love in their whole life? If they never got to feel reciprocal romantic love or were never in a relationship in their whole life? Isnt that potentially harmful for a person in terms of their mental and emotional health? when people say that humans need to feel loved and that it is a human need, does it also refer to romantic or romantic relationship love?


what do you think of this? any opinions or comments would be great.

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I haven't felt it fully, ever, really. I have met girls, two that I have REALLY began to love, but I don't really know that either of them loved me back so I don't know how it feels in that sense of reciprocation. Others I have dated have been into me but it never lasted or developed. I must admit, I ask myself the same question.


I think whether it affects you badly or not depends ultimately on who you are and what your temperament is. I don't believe any anybody whatsover can go unscathed without love, but some people will crumble, others just pick up and go on.


Some will remain pure and unburdended so that they don't take anything bad into their relationship, others will be bitter and maybe resentful towards those that can find love.

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I don't think that love is a need, just a large want...especially for women. There is love in the smallest things...a strangers glance, a flower, a child's touch. Love is divine and visits you from God in Spirit. You can give love and kindness yourself and feel the power of it. You don't need a random man to romantically love you...love is out there in the air. Even when you don't have love, you can give it: you don't need it.

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