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Another faux paus

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I keep making faux pas around my friends. It seems my fear of offending them or doing things that may bother them is actually CAUSING me to do things that offend or bother.


Case in point, yesterday. I had fencing practice but since it was so hot, they decided to cut it short. Normally, after practice, I stop by the mutual friends' house to hang out and play WoW and stuff like that. The other girl that I fence with, she usually comes with me too (but lately she hasn't been coming to practice because of her work schedule).


Sometimes I'll call before dropping in but lately, I've just been going over there since quite a few people will just drop by after practice. I suppose I should have asked the guy I like (he was at practice) if he was going over there since I would have found out not to go over there.


So, after practice, I just went over there and found that the mutual friend was having a bday party for someone (I do know the person somewhat), but that most of the fencers had not been invited (just the people in their group). I felt so bad about just dropping in like that. As usual I apologized to the mutual friend (he said no harm done, just call next time I want to stop by so I could know not to come or not). I told him I was going to leave, but they insisted that I stay. So I did. I just felt weird throughout the night and was apologetic.


I know they don't hold it against me. It was an innocent mistake. The guy I like, he was there and he chatted with me and actually asked me if I was coming to dance practice tonight (I'm not because I have a lot of errands to run). They are also going to help me with WoW and I have again been invited to hang with them at the next camp event.


Sometimes I really stick my foot in my mouth and I feel stupid and feel worse than how they view it.


I dunno.


My birthday is Wed this week. I asked them all to come to practice and that I will bring treats for them. I always feel like I am a inconvenience to others.

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Chances are your friend didn't even give a second thought to what happened, nobody notices your faux pas half as much as you do, they're probably just as wrapped up in their own social missteps as you are and don't notice yours anymore than you'd notice theirs. You've said nothing that would make you sound like an inconvienience, everybody does things like that sometimes, and although it's normal to feel a bit embarassed about it at first there's no need to beat yourself up about it

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