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spin the bottle


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ok so my other half went to a party on saturday on his own cos i had my best mate coming round,

so anyway the pictures go up on face book and they where playing spin the bottle, thing is tho what do i make of it?

i in general cant trust guys and was hurt plenty of times before and he knows this and hes said he wouldnt.

am i just freaking out or could there be a reason?


this is my first post on here and i dnt really kno wat goes on :S


what do i do i brought the photo up last night on the fone and he just laughed and continued talking bout the rest of the party

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What did you see in the photo?


Is it obvious who's actually playing and who's not? Because back in the day when I played that game, there was always a big group of people in a room and some were actually playing, but some were just socializing/watching. So how sure are you that he was actually a part of the game?


Also, was the picture on his facebook or someone else's?


If you didn't see him kissing a girl in the pictures, you don't have a right to be upset at this point. I understand you have issues with trust (I have firsthand experience with this) but you have to remind yourself that the people who broke your trust are part of the past and it's unfair to be suspicious of your boyfriend just because of someone else's actions. So unless you saw a picture of him locking lips with someone else, let it go for now.

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Dreaming of my ex-boyfriend hugging...
Dreaming of my ex-boyfriend hugging me


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