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Handling reoccuring issue


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My bf and I decided to take a picnic last weekend near the lake while my children spent time with their Dad, and for us to spend some time alone together.


We had a good time but on our way home my bf got 2 missed calls and messages from his Mom and Dad. They left a message to say they were on their way to the lake too. I asked my bf did they know we were going up there and he said he had told them. I know he felt awkward after coming off the phone. I really don't know how best to handle this situation again. I know he mentions things to them without even thinking most of the time. I feel that everytime we go off together I hold my breath thinking "are we going to be on our own today". I love his parents and they are really good people and so welcoming but there comes a point in time when we need to be on our own too.


On our way to the picnic area he mentioned about calling his sister and having her meet us there too, then he said "oh maybe that won't be a good idea, we just need our time alone together today don't we hon..."


Surely, his Mom and Dad must realize that we only get to have quality time together on the weekends.


Sometimes I feel that he can't enjoy himself without asking someone else to come along. I know he means well but it is slowly getting old.


How can I be firm and kind and make my point that I love his parents/family dearly but wonder if he will ever be happy alone in my company.

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How long have you been together? Some people are just family-orientated. Love nothing more than an extended family gathering, confide in and socialise with each other. I prefer a balance and feel it can be somewhat of an intrusion, but I know many families who do everything together. It depends if he seems happy enough with the arrangement. Does he want them to stop ringing?

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