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I'm jealous of my gf

i miss her 2

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I'm a musician and I live with my girlfriend who wants to be a writer. I am currently working on an album ( I don't have a band yet) and I suffer from being a perfectionist. I am very confident that my music is good and alot of people tell me that it is too. Some people have said that they can't believe that I'm not signed to a record label ( I wouldn't want to be anyway). The problem is I can't seem to ever be satisfied. I have about 6 songs now that are close to being completely done as far as recording them goes.


My gf just recently got a job writing music reviews for a local newspaper and I am actually jealous of her because she is already starting to live her dream while I work a crappy job and keep trying to finish my album (which never seems to be up to my standards.) Now I'm jealous because I will be going with her to see other bands perform and I'll just be thinking, "That should be me up there." I know it's wrong that I'm jealous, but what should I do to stop letting these feelings get in the way of my dreams?

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First thing is , its really brave that you can admit this. Tons of sigs are jealous of the other for whatever reasons and never admit it. Heres the catch......IT CAN STILL BE YOU!


I can sing with the best of them...my younger sister can also sing! She is amazing. Singing and dancing was supposed to be my dream, yet she has a band in Cali and I'm stuck going to school trying to do business. I was so envious that MY DREAM was almost given to her. A silver spoon almost.


However I decided to be happy for her (took a while) and as soon as I let go of that sick feeling in my stomach like "I love you but what about me me me" (you know its true) I swear I started to do my music again and now I also sing in a band when I go to cali and she also lets me sing with her. Its a wonderful thing. I never told her my jealousy issues because I didnt' want her to feel bad about her success....I simply refused to hate her and decided to love me!


Keep moving Keep pushing, Keep driving, Let nothing stop you. This is just a stumbling block, not a mountain.

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OP, I know how you feel. My future is so up in the air, and his is pretty set. After only a year of school, he's found a well-paying job in his field, and I am stuck making little money at a lousy job. It grates on my nerves when he repeatedly says that it's such a relief to have a "real" job, after so much school. I'm happy for him, but so much school? Really? 9 months is SO much school? I've been in it for 2.5 years and am no closer to getting anywhere. I'm just trying to remain happy for him and not get too down on myself for feeling completely lost as to what my future (career-wise) holds.


Support your gf, keep at it, and work hard. If you really want it, you can have it

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I agree, it might be difficult for you but you should be grateful for your gf's position. If you look at it from the positive point of view.. You never know what her having that job might bring your way..


What goes around comes around.. give out good feelings about it to her.. really be happy for her, genuinely.. and good stuff will come back to you..

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