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Hey guys, I have been talking to this girl for a little while, we just kind of met... We have only talked once in person but after that we started talking on facebook. We've had some decent conversations and today i messaged her and she said she was getting off and gave me her phone number. I am 17 yrs old just in case that matters =p but anyways, does this mean anything good? and any suggestions for conversation starters, not just small talk I don't wanna be considered boring...

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Yes, she's potentially interested in you. Call in a couple days and ask if she wants to grab lunch or coffee one weekend.


As for conversation starters, ask her questions about herself and her interests. It shows you're interested in her and allows you to get to know her more. Try to keep talking about yourself to a minimal, unless she asks you questions or you're someway responding to something she said.

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