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i love her but i cheated


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i know that most of you who will read this will say "you dont love her" and "you dont know what love is if you cheated". but to be honest i do know, and i do love her. but idk why i cheated, i mean when i did our relationship was not in a good place, and we were on out way to breaking up. but that still doesnt give me the right to cheat on her. she is and was my life, i went out with this girl for 7 months and i loved every single moment of those 7 months. and all her friends hate me and thats understandable. but they are telling her to leave me alone, ditch me, ruin my life, and ETC. but at the same time i am crying with her, telling her to try to take me back, and she says that she wants me, and that she still loves me but cant stand to be around me or look at me because she is disgusted and i have to prove to her that i am an honest person and all this and even then she says i may not have another chance with her. but i get confused because she says all those things but at the same time i may not have a chance with her again. so idk! help! plllleeeeeaaaaasssssseeeeee!

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All you can do is tell her how you feel and how sorry you are and hope she'll find it in her heart to forgive you. Once you assure her that you still love her and you'll be there for her if she decides to take you back, maybe give her some space so she can think through things on her own.

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..ok, here..i will say it:

1.you "think" you love her...its actually more like lust.

2.theres a great chance that this girl will never (2-3 years.). forget what you did, meaning she will, during this time never see you (lust, or love you) like before. can u imagine that?? by the way you are discribing her emotions sounds like she falls under that category..You screwed up...sorry to inform you that is best for both to move on..take it like a man, and dont cheat again, learn from this mistake!!

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You need to man up and accept the consequences. If she chooses to ditch you, take it as a learning experience and don't cheat on the next girl. If she forgives you and gives you another chance, you'll be under the microscope for any suspicious "cheating" activity. You can expect to wonder where you are when not with her, who you're talking to, texting, and emailing. She may even snoop through your stuff. It will be a long, hard road back to trust, if it ever does come back.

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I'm sorry, but seriously?


You may THINK you love her, but it is prob more of lust.


Honestly, you don't run to the next available girl when your relationship isn't in a good place.



True love is unselfish and giving.


I don't believe I've ever read on a Halmark card


"Love is pure, love is strong, you can cheat even if you love her"


Nope, never read that!


I don't believe that if you're TRULY in love, you could cheat.


Just the thought of it with my boyfriend truly repulses me. Ugh.

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trav, i cheated too. i made the worst mistake.

what you have to do is listen to what she says. don't pressure her or force her to do what you want (to be with you). show her you are honest and trusting once again. be consistent. it's going to be so hard.

love is action and you made an action (just like i did) that was counter to what love is all about. the most important thing you can do now to prove you love her is to be consistent and never do something like this again.

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My girlfriend cheated on me. I stayed with her because she proved that she was willing to work on the issues that lead to her behavior, and because she was willing to open up and put in the effort to demonstrate that she could be trusted again, even when it was painful for her to do so, even when it showed her ugliness and confusion, and even when it was painful for me to face those things. There have been set backs, even some really major ones, but we're still together and things are still getting better between us.


I think you need to figure out exactly why you cheated so that you don't do it again, and you need to make yourself completely transparent to her. Every detail of your life should be available to her if she wants to look. She may use that to get back at you, but giving her that power over you is important.

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Respect is a part of love, and I don't believe that anyone who cheats on their partner respects their partner. I was with an ex for 7 years, and even in the last year, when I had huge doubts about the relationship, I never ever cheated. I looked at other men, but anytime I thought of even kissing another man, I thought about how my boyfriend would feel, and I could never do it.


If your girlfriend needs space from you at the moment, you should respect that and give it to her. And sometimes love is about letting go - so you need to let go if she doesn't want to be in a relationship with you any longer.

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