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If you could do this for me, I would really appreciate it

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I am not going to give a sob story but my mom has done a lot for me and my sister throughout her life and has given us everything should could to make sure all the opportunites possible were available to us. Anyways, she hasnt been able to do much for herself and since I dont have the money to do something special for her for mothers day, I entered her into a "love your mom" contest. If anyone has a spare moment, could you please go to the link and vote for her? THANKS to everyone who helps out!! It really means a lot!


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I'd love to vote for her, but I'm afraid to click on a link that I don't know anything about.


its just a link though victorias secret. The link I posted is a direct link to my mom's page but you can always go to link removed and at the bottom of their homepage it has a link to the mothers day contest. Its an ok link, promise!

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