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dating, see his relationship with his Mom


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just an advice. when you're dating a guy, you can tell a lot from the relationship he's with his Mom. although sometimes you've fallen for him, and don't want to see the warning signs... such as ability to relate, open up; attitude to women, etc.


also, you might need to be as gorgeous and strong as his Mom if he was raised by his Mom alone


I guess Dad influence daughter's relationship with men in general...

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Hmm, interesting.


My boyfriend was raised by his mother, but they have an awful relationship. But for the most part I think its his mother who creates all the problems.


I think our relationship for the most part has benefited from his poor relationship with his mother. I have not seen any of the behaviors, attitudes and the way he treats his mom, with me.


Its something that has crossed my mind in the past, and was alarming.

But then I met the Mother and fully understood.

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Depends on the mother. Some mothers are just plain awful people and no man could have a good relationship with them.


And men who do have a good relationship with their mothers are too often accused of being 'Mommy's boy' because they don't give all their attention to their girlfriends.

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I think Mothers can not win. People EXPECT to hate the guy's mother or their mother -in-law. When my son grows up I still expect to be close to him and if that makes him a "mama's boy" and me a "bag" I do not care. I have no plans on interfering with his life once he makes it, the family he makes should be his first priority, but no one will drive me out of my son's life.

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