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Second chances :) Serendipity!!


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I don't know whether to call it dumb luck or divine intervention, but I have been having the most dreadful luck in the dating scene lately.


Then, out of seemingly nowhere, I ran into this lady that I dated six years ago. We had a really great thing back then, and coincidentally, she was the reason I found this site in the first place. We were both fresh out of engagements and the timing just wasn't right, so it didn't work out. But this girl has been in the back of my mind ever since.


Recently, I ran accross her, and by some chance of fates, we're both on the same page - tired of dating and looking for long term. All it seems to have taken was a show of interest on my part in giving it another go, and it seems that has gotten her attention. Yay me! lol


So my questions become, how do you approach this? Should I treat it as if it were a brand new thing? Or not? I'm experienced in dating women I don't know, but not experienced in dating women I do know. I can't say that I entirely know her now as it's been six years. In dating a new person, generally you do the whole 'talk to them once/twice a week, date occasionally, out for coffees, lunches, dinners, blah blah blah' but what about when you've already done this before? Do the same rules apply? Do you really need to do the whole 'dating game' again???


Sorry but I don't think I even know the right questions to ask. How to approach this situation?



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I'm in a similar situation.


We agreed that it was "new" and yet, we're still taking more liberties with each other than we would otherwise, if we hand't dated briefly years ago and known each other since. I already love him, we've moved pretty fast- he asked me to be exclusive a month in. I really am happy with him for the most part and like where things are going right now.


I'm not sure if this is the best approach or not and have no advice to give, but I'm curious to see what others have to say in this thread.

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you treat her like she was a new woman...you court all over again. After that many time..you have both done some changing, its best to build it up nice, fun and slow..


getting into bed right away is always the easy thing..


but building it again creates a nice new bond..ofcourse your topics might be different..but that does not matter..

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This made me smile. I agree with Broken 34. Start from scratch, though, your past bond makes it sweet and romantic and as if you were meant to reunite and click with proper timing this time around.


You have a great template to work with. Use it

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