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I love him..I love him not!


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I've had this crush on this guy for the last 3 yrs. He used to be my senior in high school. Evryone in school knew how I felt about him cuz It was visible as I've blush everytime he'd be around.I had to leave my hometown to pursue my studies.

By the help of a few frns, we started exchanging Text messages.Gradually we started sharing stuffs and ended up forming a long-distance affair. It's been 4 months.Everything seemed fine when we first started conversing over the phone but surprisingly, I've sensed that I don't feel for him like I used to,anymore.Something about him does not seem right. I have this mixed feelings regarding him. Things turned worse when he called me one day and said that he is in the same city as I am. He said he wants to meet but I've been putting him off. I'm sure he's annoyed but I just don't feel prepared.

It's confusing. I thought he was the man of my dreams and was crazy about for for the last 3 yrs and now I'm acting this way.

I seriously need help.

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Heya sometimes when you pursue something for a long time when you finally get it you find it's not as good as you'd imagined. If you feel you can trust him, maybe meet up with him and see if there's any chemistry, and if there's not you should break it off.

However, when you say 'something about him does not seem right', if you mean the way he talks etc makes you feel uncomfortable or suspicious of his motives don't bother, people get feelings like that for a reason and it's not worth the risk.

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