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Heres a question for all you ladies....guys feel free to comment too


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I could use some advice


I used to be be somewhat overweight, shy, and uninteresting. I was the guy that girls prayed would not hit on them, so I didn't. Now,I have come into my own, lost some wieght, hit the gym, becoming successful. But, I'm starting to find that I lack experience when it comes to girls.


See I have no problem getting a girls interest. This is starting to seem like a flaw. I feel like I put off the vibe of 'player', like I must get all these girls so I must be playing games.


Trust me this isn't the case.


I know there is some agility needed when it comes to flirting and I am doing fine with that. I guess my questions are -


How soon is too soon when asking for a number ( feel free to add tips on that step as I am severely lacking in that realm)


And my next question is.....if a girl does not answer, texts, phone calls, in a timely fashion and is not conversational does that mean she is not interested or could she be playing games?


I.E. there was a girl I worked with, who flirted with me a lot. She would follow me around, and laugghhh at everything I said etc. so everytually I asked her if she wanted to hangout, which she said yes to, and once we traded numbers she texted me a lottt. But then slowly stopped responding to me.


I am a pre-med student and have a 3.7 gpa. But girls make me feel SO DUMB!

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Hey m8,


read "The System" from Doc Love (I know, I know) - it sounds stupid but he pointed more than few very important points you will need to look for in new relationships and I think he did a pretty decent job. As always, take relationship books with grain of salt - as always. The idea is to take advice that works for you and leave the rest.


good luck!



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