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hes drained me completly..


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Ive I'vebeen with my bf for 2 yrs and we live together. In the beginning it was good, but now its gotten bad. Hes He'srude, snotty, selfish, uncaring etc..i about 4 monthes ago he became voilent and he pulled my hair, pushed me into the wall...and about 2 weeks ago he got mad and took some dvd cases and threw them at my face full force and busted my lip open. Hes He'semotionally and physically draining me, he does nothing to better himself im I'mtrying to go bak to school and do something with myself. He never wants 2 spend time with me anymore, hed he'drather play with him phone and his ps2. Its sickining. What should i Ido? Any advice would really help...thanx

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