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So it's a Sunday (or Saturday, or a day off, whatever)


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I was close to sticking this in Personal Growth but figured it's better to put it here, the premise of it all.


Read this as if someone's thinking aloud.


So it's Sunday, and just like Saturday and the Friday night, I'm living at home, nothing special planned, nothing I especially need to do. I could stay at home sort out a few minor things, do this, do that, but that is just yet another day ticking over alone which won't change being stuck at home.


Then I think of some of the simple things I can do. I could go for lunch at a cafe/coffee shop (or if Fri/Sat evening a bar/pub) but I know just like all those other times I've "given it a go" I'll just sit there alone and things get awkward and depressing. I could go walk around some shops, but I have nothing I especially want to buy and would be mindlessly walking around shops a complete blank, and best to avoid buying un-needed things in these times. I could go for a walk/run, but like all those other times, nothing will happen.

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You've left out about a million other things you could be doing. For instance, tonight I volunteered at the community theater and helped out with a show. You can volunteer anywhere- it doesn't have to be necessarily with a cause, sometimes it can be an activity that you are just interested in. Participate in your community and get some interests so that you are occupied. Take a class, join a group, volunteer, etc. You are right that things probably won't happen if you do the things you've described here. You have to have an activity that makes you interact with people in order for things to happen.


If you're really ambitious, get a second night job. I worked in a bar/restaurant for years as my second job. I met lots of people and had extra money to put away and use for whatever I wanted.

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I was thinking more on-a-whim, like unplanned. Generally those take a little bit more time, like to find, sign up, check free time, etc.


But yes for us guys who have this week in and week out I agree you have to get it sorted like this. Especially:

You have to have an activity that makes you interact with people in order for things to happen.

Which is spot on for things like shops, bars, gym, etc.


Needless to say I'm still being very non-committal to anything which is bloody annoying. It is harder when you aren't generally bored nor have any real problems in life.

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