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Update on engaged friends and our marriage talk.

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So if you read my previous thread about my friends getting engaged and me feeling like "when is it our turn?" I did end up talking to him.


I'd had it on my mind for a while and finally my occupied thoughts got the best of me and he noticed. So he asked me what's up and I caved. I told him the truth that I was jealous of our friends and that it made me wonder when would we get married and what are we waiting for?


He told me that's he's not going anywhere and confirmed that he does in fact want to marry me. And that to him 2 years isn't all that long (he decided to mention that he's been with other girls longer but marriage didn't even cross his mind with them). He said he thinks we're still settling into our place (over a year now) I guess we're still looking for art... but our home is home. And rest assured he's not comfortable in our relationship... it's still growing.


He told me the moment he knew he wanted to marry me was a long time ago I asked him about putting our kids into softball, and he answered yes. As if we were already married as if we already had kids. The future at that moment didn't scare him and that was how he knew. That made me happy.


He also said that with all our friends getting married he didn't want to steal the spotlight. Which I get, but then I asked so do we have to wait until all our friends get married? And what about if so and so gets engaged in 6 months and so and so wants to propose in a year... do we have to wait until all of them are married. He told me no, our time will come but as of this time right now it's not "our time" and reassured me that we will get "our time".


He told me that he was trying to avoid the conversation because he wants it to be a surprise as do I. I just wanted to let it be known that I do want it to happen I don't want to wait for 5 years, and wanted to make sure we're still on the same train that moves on the same track. And in fact he's thought about marrying me in a serious way not "she's cool yeah I'll marry her" kind of way.


So that's it, we're good I'm happy

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Everyones pace is different in these things. The moment you stop thinking about it or talking about it will probably be when he does it.


Know that he loves you and is commited and will pop the question when you least expect it, there isnt a timescale on these things, just when it feels right.

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Awww... good for you.


Glad you waited until the moment presented itself rather than forcing the issue. Shows you know your man...


Why thank you. It was funny when I told him how my friend got her guy to propose she got in a big hissy pissy panties in a knot "you're 33! you're old, marry me!" screaming child sort of way... and the next day he asked.


And that's soooo not what I wanted to do, and glad I didn't! It worked for her but that's certainly not how I wanted it to happen. He was shocked that'd work on a man... and told me in confidence that he thinks we have a much better relationship than them... I told him I agree... and we had a chuckle. Just becasue they marry first, doesn't mean he loves her any more (or less) than my man loves me

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