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Well.. Me and my girlfriend have been going out for 5 months, nearing 6 months. In 2007, we were also together but only for a few months but she cheated on me and she has never since admitted that she had liked him and i dumped her.


i got back together with her last year as i thought that she has changed her ways. When the relationship started (last november), it was great, we got along well, we talked for ages, always on the phone, never had a doubt in our relationship. when she went overseas for a holiday (mid december), i noticed she wouldn't talk to me that much as she was overseas. When she came back, she would talk to me less, sometimes talk about this guy. I notice text messages from him saying that he loves her, and on facebook, i've seen her send him a comment saying "i love you". I asked her once about who he is, she just says that his just a friend and has never gone out with him, or will ever love him. She also promised me that she would never talk to him again. This made me really happy and thought that it was gonna be a change in our relationship and it was going to be much better.. I then noticed another text message from him, like a week later, saying that he loves her. My girlfriend deletes all her messages except for the ones from me..


I was really suspicious and a few days later, i went through her phone, couldn't find the messages, checked the last few people she has sent texts to, and i found his name in the list. i couldn't find his name in the sentbox though so she is obviously hiding something from me.. Am i being too worried?


Last night, my girlfriend told me that he asked her out the day before, and he knows that i'm with her. This made me really pissed off, decided to get a friend to find out **** about him and gonna get people to go deck him. Hasn't been done yet, but will be done.. She doesn't seem to talk to me much on msn and her replies are usually later than usual.


i haven't been able to meet him in person, or anything like that, i haven't talked to him because i have no way to contact him, she sees him at tutor and pretty much spends 11 hours a week with him. I really don't like her talking to him because i'm worried that she'll cheat on me or something around that..


I love her alot, and i know she loves me, just that i don't trust her decisions.. Is there any way that i could somehow tell her to stop talking to him? or not be friends with him? Because it really makes me feel insecure about this relationship..


I also noticed that she doesn't seem to want to go out with me that often now.. and plans usually get cancelled. Feels like she's less interested in me.. although she assures me that she loves and always will.


Serious responses please!


By the way, i'm 14, she's 14, and the guy who asked her out is in year 12, i'm not sure how old he is, probably 17/18.


EDIT: sorry if i posted in wrong section, didn't read what was in it and this was related with friends so yeah..

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You obviously don't trust her and are worried about her cheating on you again. The signs are obvious. You're snooping, she's broken promises and making excuses. She got away with it once. It's not worth it to be with her. There are better girls out there. Dump her.

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