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I have been seeing this guy on and off for 4 years. He "doesn't have time for a girlfriend" which he let me know from day 1..... so I didn't see it as serious.


I haven't been seeing anyone else because I don't make any effort to find anyone and when they find me, they aren't my type plus I'm busy with studying and work.


Anyway, he keeps asking me to visit him at his house (and meet his parents) as he moved back home last year and I havent visited yet. We normally meet up in the city. I have met his two best friends. We met up last week for lunch and shopping. We have been intimate. We talk most days.


So my question is... is he getting more serious? Would you invite a girl you aren't serious about to your house? Does he like me more?

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i would ask him where he sees things going (ie, why is he introducing you to his parents?!) i think you should figure out, after 4 years, if things are going to get serious or not. and if he still isn't "ready for a gf," then i would forget about him and move on to a different guy.

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I do NOT buy the "I don't have time" excuse. Not from anyone.


However, if you've been on and off for 4 years, that's a long time to pass where his feelings may have changed. You'd have to ask him, though, to be sure. I wouldn't settle for anything less than a straight yes or no.

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the point he probably doesnt relise that every act like meeting his friends is sign a to you , the question really is do you want anything more serious?



also never bought that too busy thing ....so Camerain Diaz( or such like) called hed say ,timings wrong , dont have the itime, just not in that zone right now - eerrrr yeah right

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I agree with the points above; I'd make this less about what he wants and I'd get straight with myself about what I want. Then I'd ask him whether or not he's up for that. If not, I'd let him go find his perfect limbo with someone who wants that for herself. We never get any wasted time back.


In your corner.

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