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7yr age gap? 23-30


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I was going out with a girl when she was 18 and i was 25,going out for 4 and a half years.


im 30 now and she is 23 we broke up last month.:sad:


she said she feels she has missed out on somethings and she has changed


does this happen alot?


is it a age thing?

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I think it might be the age thing. For her, the years between 18-23 she was still developing, mentally and emotionally. Whereas at 25-30 you were more stable and settled and more unlikey to go through changes if that makes any sense. 18 is pretty young to get into a serious relationship and she may feel that in the 5 years she has spent with you, she hasn't got to do all the things that she wanted and has missed out as she has said.

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I'm sorry this happened to you. And it's not that uncommon given her age, if that makes you feel any better (I doubt it).


Anyway, I thought this post might help...the OP does a good job mapping out the common traits. As you can see, you are not alone.



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thanks mate yeah its really hard for me at the moment she has totally changed since she left out partying and drinking,i did text her the other day about friends and she said its kinda of weird for her right now and she doesnt know why.so im just going to start NC from now on.

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I know I went through a lot of changes between ages 18 and 23...that is the time when most people really start to grow up and start to feel like adults. But I suppose that at the end of the day, knowing that it may be normal won't make you feel any better about the situation. I'm sorry you are going through this. Good luck.

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Yeah it does.


She never got to "date". She never got to flirt. She did miss out on much. She may or may not realize that you were the best thing out there for her. But it's entirely possible that she might find something more her pace.


Think about guys... they want to 'sow their wild oats' (so the saying goes anyways) and so if they never got the opportunity to flirt, date, have sex in or out of relationships more often than not he'll have the urge at one time or another to go out and experience this. This is how your ex feels.


Unfortunately that's the risk one takes dating girls or guys that are really young (late teens early 20's)

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yeah i understand it all now,its a killer when ya love that person.


she said she ws confused but she told me the other day she made loads of friends and is happy now. and she said she thinks the door on us is closed now


so ill just have to leave her go..sad but true

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