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What Move To Make? Girl At Work

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Alright there is this girl at work i am interested in, she has worked at the company for a while though is only part timer from what i gather (2-3 days a week)


We work on different floors and our jobs are completely different but i will often have to go to her department for certain tasks.


Recently we have sort of been crossing paths, though we haven't said more than hi or how are you so far.


On a couple of occasions i haven't noticed her coming in my direction or passing by and when i've come around to look up she will be smiling. Yesterday i was walking out of a room and sending a message on my phone and noticed i was about to run into someone so i moved to get out of the way with my eyes still firmly fixed on the phone, i then i heard "hey" and realized it was her again. There are other instances where i think she may have been talking about me or moved on purpose to attract me but it would be speculation on my part. I can't say for sure.


What i am trying to gather at the moment, is she just being friendly? or is she interested? None of what i have described is anything strange for any person to do, it just seems she makes that effort even if i am distracted with something else. Since we haven't had a proper conversation and i don't know if she even knows my name and i have only seen her very rarely prior to past couple of weeks, so she has taken each chance we happen to be in the same room to say hi and grab my attention, sort of the way i see it anyway, i could be completely wrong.


However after these brief encounters i heard from a co-worker she has a boyfriend so wasn't sure what to make out of all this. I would still like to get to know her, just not sure what approach to take, what i am thinking is either:


A) Simply stick to original plan, say hi i think you are quite cute could i take you out to lunch sometime/do you happen to be seeing anyone, not sure if thats too upfront without having said a whole lot to her before. But i am a straight to the point kind of guy.

B) Take it slow, try get to know her a bit more before i make a move, though i am not sure how often i will get a chance to talk to her, even if it seems i have seen her a fair bit lately.

C) I could ask those who work with her if to confirm she has a boyfriend (the co-worker who told me she had a bf doesn't speak english to well so can does get confused often, though he felt certain), though not sure how that will sound since it would inevitably get back to her that i asked about her situation. Probably better off to find out myself.


So what is sort of holding me back is my shyness, though i think im ready to make a move, and the fact i am fairly certain she does have a boyfriend. Though i know that hasn't stopped people before. It could be a bit awkward in the future i guess if things don't turn out well, though it's not something i am really concerned about.

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I know a lot of people date through the workplace but it just seems like a bad idea to me. Things usually don't work out then it creates awkwardness when you need to work. Still, if you're not bothered go chat to her a bit then ask her out to lunch (don't drag it out). Don't tell her she's cute, she should be working for those sort of compliments from you.

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The work place is kinda tricky but if your up for the challenge then all power to you.


I say

B) Take it slow, try get to know her a bit more before i make a move, though i am not sure how often i will get a chance to talk to her, even if it seems i have seen her a fair bit lately.


What matters most is your trying to get to know. That will mean alot to her. So if you like her take it slow.

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i'd like to answer your rhetorical questions first. she's definitely friendly. but what she does isn't enough to say she's interested. with that said, i would go for B) and C).


since this is in the workplace, tread carefully. if you went with A), and she felt the teeniest bit uncomfortable with what you say, she can go to HR and slam a sexual harassment claim on you.

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Thanks for the comments, i appreciate them.


I decided i will take it a bit slow try to strike a conversation when i can. I have found out in a month or two i will be taking over another person's job as they go on leave and in that job there is a the chance i might need to work with her on occasion even if our contact would be minimal in these circumstances, best to avoid any awkwardness.


Will post if there are any updates.

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